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Actress Leanne Wilson was last seen in CASUALTY in August 2005 when her character, nurse Claire Guildford, plunged her car into the harbour in the dramatic Series 19 finale episode. Since her character was killed off, Leanne has been busy amongst other things getting married to her partner Keith Whallett. She talks to holby.tv about her big day…

You got married back in May, how are you enjoying married life?

It really is fantastic! I think we’re still in the honeymoon stage, it’s just such a lovely feeling, I’m very very happy!!

Did you enjoy your big day – was it everything you imagined it to be?

To be honest, it went so quickly I wish I could do it all again! It was a fantastic day, and yes, apart from the weather (which rained!) – everything went to plan.

Did you find it stressful arranging your own wedding? Did you have a lot of nerves beforehand?

Yes, but then, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I love to organise, and I figured that this was my one chance to plan the wedding of my dreams!

What made you decide on the location of Syon House for your wedding?

We had a nightmare finding a venue simply because nothing was special enough. When we arrived at Syon, we knew instantly it was the one, it’s the most beautiful, magical venue we’d seen.

Did many of your former CASUALTY colleagues attend?

Well, unfortunately, it was a little holiday for the cast so not as many attended as I’d have liked!

Your dress looked absolutely  stunning – was it hard finding the  perfect dress?

No, not really – I think you just know  when it’s right. I hadn’t seen anything  around that   matched it. It was a little  bit different because it had the crystals and had a lace trim!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to Bali and Singapore.

Since leaving CASUALTY, have you had a chance to miss working on the show?

Yes, of course. I think the thing I missed the most, was not seeing some of my closest friends every day. You work so intensely with people, and form such special relationships, it’s hard to suddenly go to seeing them once in a while.

Did you take any keepsakes with you from your time on CASUALTY?

Yes, I had a lovely frame which all the cast signed their picture, that was nice. And, I managed to take my badge – well no one else could use it!!

CASUALTY is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. Why do you think the show has maintained it’s success over the years?

A number of reasons. I think the main one being how the show keeps so real. By that I mean that everyone – whatever age – can relate to the main characters and the guest artists. They still manage to come up with inventive storylines that are current to the parent, teacher, kid, teenager, etc. And, I think the stories are covered from every point of view, making it almost educational to watch… oh and the brilliant acting of course!!

 You were last seen onscreen in  Stars in Fast Cars – did you enjoy  this challenge?

Yes I really did. I love cars and trying  new things, so it was great fun!

Have you got any future projects lined up?

Maybe…you’ll have to watch this space…

Would you ever consider going on reality TV show?

I think it would depend on the show. I have been offered quite a few reality shows but have so far turned them down.

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