Lily Chao


Played by Crystal Yu


S28 E1 ‘Bedside Manners’ –

Job Title

F2/ Registrar

First Words

Background Parents to Feng and Li Na Chao.

Memorable Moments

  • S28 E1 – Lily makes her debut.
  • S28 E5 – Lily and Rita deal with the emotional case of a teenage cancer patient.
  • S28 E13 – Ash is determined to teach Lily a lesson in patient care – but she wildly oversteps the mark.
  • S28 E14 – Lily suspects a patient is using anabolic steroids.
  • S28 E15 – Lily discharges a distressed woman without taking her mental state into consideration.
  • S28 E25 – Lily steps into the breach as a magician’s assistant when his usual partner is injured in a fall.
  • S28 E27 – Lily shows her softer side when treating a heavily pregnant woman. Meanwhile Ash tries to teach her a lesson by claiming she has killed a patient.
  • S28 E30 – Lily and Ash go head to head at his disciplinary hearing.
  • S28 E34 – Cal tries to impress Lily as they work together on a patient who has self diagnosed himself .with a brain tumour.
  • S28 E40 – Lily treats a man with toothache, but persuading him to acknowledge the real cause of his pain proves to be a difficult task.
  • S28 E48 – Lily is determined to reveal the truth to Connie about Cal stealing Ethan’s proposal.
  • S29 E5 – Lily is involved in the minibus crash that kills Jeff.
  • S29 E10 – In this standalone episode, Lily tries to piece the puzzle together of a suspicious death.
  • S29 E22 – Lily has no patience for a patient claiming to have a psychic dog.
  • S29 E24 – Lily tries to persuade a woman to be honest with her husband by admitting she doesn’t want to continue with IVF treatment.
  • S29 E25 – Lily is involved in an accident on her way home from work when her moped collides with a schoolgirl.
  • S29 E33 – Lily helps a young woman escape a difficult situation involving a wager placed on her ailing mother’s odds of survival.
  • S29 E42 – Honey’s plans to impress Ethan are ruined when Lily continues to pursue him.
  • S29 E45 – Lily desperately seeks her parents’ approval after being promoted to registrar.
  • S30 E6 – Lily takes great interest in a patient when she discovers he’s a banker.
  • S30 E8 – Lily attends her father’s funeral
  • S30 E11 – Mentor Lily pushes Alicia’s to prove her worth.
  • S30 E12 – Everyone in the department blames Lily for Alicia’s decision to leave, and as the guilt begins to eat away at her, she seeks an ally in the form of Ethan.
  • S30 E21 – Lily desperately hopes to re-establish her bond with Ethan by trying to convince him to stay.
  • S30 E22 – Lily & Ethan help a girl with autism get the family support she desperately needs.
  • S30 E26 – Lily goes out on a shout with Iain.
  • S30 E29 – Ethan shares his Huntington’s news with Lily.
  • S31 E3 – An unexpected friendship begins to form when Lily tries to help Iain realise he doesn’t need to be `Mr Action Man’ all the time
  • S31 E6 – Lily embarrasses herself in front of everyone when Alicia tells her the party is fancy dress, but Iain also dresses up and comes to her rescue.
  • S31 E14 – Lily goes home with Archie Grayling following the Christmas party
  • S31 E19 – Lily treats Iain’s sister Gemma after she is brought in.
  • S31 E27Lily has serious concerns about a girl who seems to be exhibiting classic symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Love Interests

  • Caleb Knight
  • Ethan Hardy
  • Archie Grayling
  • Iain Dean