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Cas Character

Lily Chao


Played by Crystal Yu


S28 E1 ‘Bedside Manners’ – S32 E11

Job Title

F2/ Registrar

First Words

(Zoe asks her if she came from Dermatology) Correct (Ash : How was it?) Old people are either very sweet or very rude


Parents, Feng and Li Na Chao


Lily has always wanted to make her parents proud of her. Intelligent, logical and a high achiever – she believes anything is possible if you work hard for it, Lily’s only struggle is with her bedside manner. She is blunt and speaks her mind and doesn’t care if she is liked or not.

Lily lives by her five year plan. She originally had her sights set on dermatology however seeing how rewarding life in the ED department can be decided to stay on after her rotation and be a registrar.

Lily was rocked by her father’s death in Series 30, she still felt like a failure in her father’s eyes and behind her tough exterior – she is just looking for that approval.

As the series have moved on, Lily’s character has developed. She is not always the stern hard face and can show a soft, sensitive side. The will-they-won’t they romance with paramedic Iain was just what she needed, however in the end she chose to follow her career path and head to Hong Kong, leaving a dejected Iain behind.

Memorable Moments

  • S28 E1 – Lily makes her debut.
  • S28 E5 – Lily and Rita deal with the emotional case of a teenage cancer patient.
  • S28 E13 – Ash is determined to teach Lily a lesson in patient care – but she wildly oversteps the mark.
  • S28 E14 – Lily suspects a patient is using anabolic steroids.
  • S28 E15 – Lily discharges a distressed woman without taking her mental state into consideration.
  • S28 E25 – Lily steps into the breach as a magician’s assistant when his usual partner is injured in a fall.
  • S28 E27 – Lily shows her softer side when treating a heavily pregnant woman. Meanwhile Ash tries to teach her a lesson by claiming she has killed a patient.
  • S28 E30 – Lily and Ash go head to head at his disciplinary hearing.
  • S28 E34 – Cal tries to impress Lily as they work together on a patient who has self diagnosed himself with a brain tumour.
  • S28 E39 – Cal makes a move on Lily as a bet he has with Fletch
  • S28 E40 – Lily treats a man with toothache, but persuading him to acknowledge the real cause of his pain proves to be a difficult task. Lily also discovers the truth about Cal’s one night stand with her.
  • S28 E42 – Ethan punches Cal for his treatment of Lily.
  • S28 E48 – Lily is determined to reveal the truth to Connie about Cal stealing Ethan’s proposal.
  • S29 E5 – Lily is involved in the minibus crash that kills Jeff.
  • S29 E10 – In this standalone episode, Lily tries to piece the puzzle together of a suspicious death.
  • S29 E22 – Lily has no patience for a patient claiming to have a psychic dog.
  • S29 E24 – Lily tries to persuade a woman to be honest with her husband by admitting she doesn’t want to continue with IVF treatment.
  • S29 E25 – Lily is involved in an accident on her way home from work when her moped collides with a schoolgirl.
  • S29 E33 – Lily helps a young woman escape a difficult situation involving a wager placed on her ailing mother’s odds of survival.
  • S29 E42 – Honey’s plans to impress Ethan are ruined when Lily continues to pursue him.
  • S29 E45 – Lily desperately seeks her parents’ approval after being promoted to registrar.
  • S30 E6 – Lily takes great interest in a patient when she discovers he’s a banker.
  • S30 E7 – Lily informs Connie that her father has died.
  • S30 E8 – Lily attends her father’s funeral
  • S30 E11 – Mentor Lily pushes Alicia’s to prove her worth.
  • S30 E12 – Everyone in the department blames Lily for Alicia’s decision to leave, and as the guilt begins to eat away at her, she seeks an ally in the form of Ethan.
  • S30 E21 – Lily desperately hopes to re-establish her bond with Ethan by trying to convince him to stay.
  • S30 E22 – Lily & Ethan help a girl with autism get the family support she desperately needs.
  • S30 E26 – Lily goes out on a shout with Iain.
  • S30 E29 – Ethan shares his Huntington’s news with Lily.
  • S31 E3 – An unexpected friendship begins to form when Lily tries to help Iain realise he doesn’t need to be `Mr Action Man’ all the time
  • S31 E6 – Lily embarrasses herself in front of everyone when Alicia tells her the party is fancy dress, but Iain also dresses up and comes to her rescue.
  • S31 E14 – Lily goes home with Archie Grayling following the Christmas party
  • S31 E19 – Lily treats Iain’s sister Gemma after she is brought in.
  • S31 E27Lily has serious concerns about a girl who seems to be exhibiting classic symptoms of drug withdrawal.
  • S31 E32 – Lily is hit by a car that Gemma is driving erratically.
  • S31 E33 – Lily is rushed into resus following being hit by a car.
  • S31 E35 – Lily returns to work and is on the verge of sharing her feelings for Iain until she learns about a Consultancy post.
  • S31 E38 – Lily and Iain get together at Cal’s funeral.
  • S31 E39 – Lily and Iain clash over treatment of an elderly couple.
  • S32 E3 – Lily attends her cousin’s wedding with Iain declares her love for him to her Aunt.
  • S32 E7 – Lily is jealous of Iain and Sam’s close bond.­
  • S32 E9 – Lily goes out on the road with Iain and Sam
  • S32 E11 – Lily decides to leave Holby and take up a post in Hong Kong.


Lily Chao Twitter Moment – Clips

Pinterest – Lily Chao – Crystal Yu

Love Interests

  • Caleb Knight
  • Ethan Hardy
  • Archie Grayling
  • Iain Dean

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