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Cas Actor

Liza Walker

APPEARANCE : S5 E9 ‘A Will to Die’

CHARACTER : Fenella Chivers

STORYLINE : Anorexic Fenella is brought into A&E with her over-pushy mother. In the toilets she takes an overdose, and dies in CRASH.

APPEARANCE : S8 E5 ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’

CHARACTER : Kathy Hart

STORYLINE : Kathy is brought into A&E after her house has been burgled and she has been raped. It later transpires she got a friend to stage the burglary, but didn’t count on the attack

APPEARANCE : S18 E10 ‘Black Dog Day’

CHARACTER : Jenny Wells


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Amanda in Teenage Health Freak; Shaun Callaghan in London’s Burning

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