Louise Tyler


Played by Azuka Oforka


S26 E7 ‘Wild Horses’ – S26 E12 ‘Natural Selection’; S27 E1 ‘Kansas’ –

Job Title 

Ambulance Control Officer (Series 26); Receptionist (Series 27+); Staff Nurse (Series 30+)

First Words

Organised, efficient and immaculately presented, we are first introduced to Louise when she is working as an Ambulance Control Officer in S26 E7. Bossy and meticulous, Dixie fails to warm to her and the pair begin a mini-feud with eachother much to the amusement of Jeff.

Dixie was thrilled to learn Louise had left working at ambulance dispatch until she discovers in S27 E1 that Louise has taken on a new job as receptionist at Holby ED. Being drafted in to give Noel more support on the front line post riot, Louise already sets out in her new kingdom. She has no problem airing her views on time wasters on lazy workers and anyone who messes up her carefully calibrated system will feel her wrath! A noticable flaw she does have is her phobia of entering resus; an incident involves her confiding in Dixie.


Memorable Moments

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