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Cas Character

Louise Tyler

Played by Azuka Oforka


S26 E7 ‘Wild Horses’ – S26 E12 ‘Natural Selection’; S27 E1 ‘Kansas’ – S33 E24

Job Title 

Ambulance Control Officer (Series 26); Receptionist (Series 27+); Staff Nurse (Series 30+)

First Words

Twenty minute walk they said. Not in these shoes.


Organised, efficient and immaculately presented, we are first introduced to Louise when she is working as an Ambulance Control Officer in S26 E7. Bossy and meticulous, Dixie fails to warm to her and the pair begin a mini-feud with eachother much to the amusement of Jeff.

Dixie was thrilled to learn Louise had left working at ambulance dispatch until she discovers that Louise has taken on a new job as receptionist at Holby ED. Being drafted in to give Noel more support on the front line post riot, Louise already sets out in her new kingdom. She has no problem airing her views on time wasters on lazy workers and anyone who messes up her carefully calibrated system will feel her wrath! A noticable flaw she does have is her phobia of entering resus; an incident involves her confiding in Dixie.

In Series 29 with the arrival of nurse Jacob, we discover they are old colleagues and Louise infact used to work as a nurse, but she quit after a traumatic experience. On Duffy’s advice, Louise is eventually persuaded to return to nursing in Series 30.

Memorable Moments

  • S29 E42 – Louise finally faces new nurse Jacob and we discover they share a past.
  • S29 E45 – We discover Louise’s past as a former nurse, which she quit following a traumatic experience.
  • S29 E46 – Louise tries to face her fears by arranging to meet the mother of a baby that died when she was nurse.
  • S30 E2 – After a heart to heart with Duffy, Louise is persuaded to return to nursing.
  • S30 E3 – Louise tries to overcome challenges as she struggles on her first day of nursing.
  • S30 E19 – Louise clashes with an angry patient who has a simple case of the common cold.
  • S30 E28 – Louise locks Big Mac and Noel in a room so they can resolve their differences.
  • S30 E39 – Louise comes face to face with her biggest fear.
  • S31 E4 – Louise is turned down funding to do up the relatives room.
  • S31 E13 – Louise bonds with a patient and finds her heart in the Wizard of Oz themed episode.
  • S31 E20 – Louise bursts into Noel’s interview to tell them he is much better than a machine at the job and patient care is more important.
  • S31 E25 – Louise pitches a Booze Bus to the board, when Dylan has a presentation disaster.
  • S31 E27 – Jez and Louise get close after working on the booze bus.
  • S31 E30 – Louise hits the town with Alicia when Jez cancels their dinner date.
  • S31 E31 – Elle and Louise are both shocked to learn Jez has spent the night with Elle’s son.
  • S31 E34 – Louise confronts Jez about his infidelity. She is stunned to learn about his latest squeeze; Mickey.
  • S31 E36 – Louise tries to help heroin addict Cassie and also sets up a fundraising charity for a refugee group.
  • S31 E44 – Louise tries to hold the fort in reception whilst Noel is off.
  • S32 E9 – Louise conflicts with Dylan over him smuggling Sanosi into the country.
  • S32 E42 – Louise gets a court summons over her failure to play the extortionate hospital car parking fines.

Love Interests

  • Jez Andrews

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