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Cas Character

Lyn Paul

Played by Beverley Klein


S17 E23, S17 E30 – S17 E34


Lyn Paul is Anna Paul’s mum, and when she is first seen in Holby with her daughter, it is clear that the two get on very well.

In S17 E23, Anna tells her mum that she is dating Merlin. Later, Anna tries to stop Lyn from seeing Merlin, fearing that her mother will embarrass her. Lyn has come into A&E and is treated by Harry for boils under her arm. Anna is concerned that they got so bad and her mum didn’t tell her – Lyn says she didn’t want to worry her.

In S17 E30, Merlin arranges to meet her in a restaurant – unaware that his birth mother is also Anna’s mother, Lyn – when Lyn realises who she is there to meet, she walks away.

In S17 E31, Anna offers to go and meet Merlin’s real mother when he is given a second chance, but is scared. Outside, the only person she sees is Lyn. After asking her why she is there, a moment of hesitation provides Anna with the shocking truth. Merlin is Anna’s half-brother. Next episode, Lyn demands to Anna that Merlin should know the shocking truth and next episode she tells him they are related.

In S17 E34, Merlin goes to see Anna, but Lyn arrives, and Merlin asks her what she’s doing. He accuses her of ruining his life, not once but twice.

Memorable Moments

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