Mark Calder

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Played by Oliver Parker


S8 E1 – S8 E18

Job Title

Surgical Manager

First Words

I have no alternative…


We are introduced to Mark in S8 E1 not long after the fire that struck thoughout A&E.

He gets off to a bad start in his first few episodes when, first he tried to persuade Charlie and Mike they must lose a nurse then he received a harsh telling off from his manager about budgeting. In S8 E6 he offers Jane a job as line manager for A&E. She politely accepts and the staff find out in S8 E8. In S8 E17, Mark calls a meeting in Charlie’s office where he announces that the casualty department at Queen’s is closing. In S8 E18, he tells Jane that he is leaving Holby, but does not say where his new job is. Jane is angry that he is leaving as she has to sort out all the problems in the department. She later sees a fax from Mark’s new employer – a tobacco company. Ash realises that Mark’s leak to the press was to make staff grateful to management for closing Queens and not Holby.

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