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Cas Character

Megan Roach

Played by Brenda Fricker


S1E1 – S5E13; S12E25/26; S21E29; S24E44 – S24E47

Job Title

State Enrolled Nurse

First Words

Oh my son’s got one of them, it drives me mad! (refers to Ewart’s walkman)


Megan was the ‘Mother Earth’ of Casualty. Irish and in her late forties, she was one of the most experienced members of staff, but the least technically qualified – Megan, an SEN, ‘greenie’, meant she could not be promoted – she was the one who did all the dirty work. Megan was hard working, both at home and at work, and she was seen as very caring and sympathetic to her patients.

She arrives in S1 E1, late for her shift and muttering to Ewart how she hated walkmans! In S1 E2, she is shown to have strong opinions, she criticises Baz, who’s allowed a pregnant mother, who wants her baby induced for convenience, to be admitted. She also warns Clive, about his drinking on shift. In S1 E3, a woman is brought in with appendicitis, but she refuses an operation because she is a Christian Scientist. Megan goes into the staffroom and seriously asks for the all to pray for her, much to their amusement – later her pain is mysteriously cured! In S1 E6, Megan, with other members of staff, hold a demonstration outside a cinema, which is showing naughty nurse films, but they land themselves in trouble with the police, when Duffy punches one of the owners. In S1 E7, Megan discovers she has cervical cancer and needs a hysterectomy. She can’t tell her husband, and instead confides in Ewart. In S1 E8, a crazed woman has been going around attacking taxi drivers. Megan is worried about the safety of Ted. She tries to contact him but his radio is turned off. The woman gets into his cab, but he avoids an attack, by talking to her for over an hour. When he picks up Megan later, with thoughts of retiring, she tells him she has cancer, and explains what her hysterectomy will mean for them. In S1 E9, Baz talks to Megan about her cancer, she also treats a drunk teenager, who is sick all over her – it turns out to be Ewart’s daughter, Gillian. In S1 E10, Megan is in an upstairs cubicle, awaiting her operation, she tells Charlie she is bored. While Clive acts as a decoy, Charlie and Kuba wheel her downstairs to the A&E department. While there she talks to Gillian, who is angry at Ewart’s behaviour. In S1 E11, Megan is resting after her operation, she has many visitors. In S1 E12, Duffy visits her and confides in her that she was raped, something she has been unable to talk about with other staff. In S1 E13, Megan is convalescing at home, when she is woken early by police holding a siege next door. Her neighbour, John, who is dying of cancer, has locked himself in his shed, saying he has a child hostage (he hasn’t). Megan talks him into coming out, he collapses and is taken to hospital. He tells Megan, his cancer was caused by an atom bomb test he took part in after the war and urges her to take his proof letters and report it to the police. He later dies. In S1 E15, the staff find out they are to be shut down in one month. They meet to discuss ways of gaining public support – Megan and Ted attend another demonstration outside the department.

In Series 2, we find out A&E night shift has been closed for six months; Megan has been working on a maternity ward. Ewart holds a meeting at Megan’s house, in the hope of getting the night shift re-open. A DHA meeting is held to discuss the future of A&E, and later they find out they have won back the night shift. A victory celebration is held in the pub, although Ted is not happy – he feels Megan cares more about her job. In S2 E7, Megan is snapped at by Duffy, who is Acting Sister, because she wanted a homeless girl admitted. She is later apologised to. In S2 E8, Charlie finds out Megan has been moonlighting for an agency at a nursing home, to earn extra money. In S2 E9, there is a massive explosion at a block of flats, Megan is upset when a patient’s son shouts at her, because she’s Irish and is responsible for the IRA. Ewart comforts her. In S2 E11, staff attend Megan and Ted’s 25th anniversary party. In S2 E12, Ted takes Megan for a picnic in Cheltenham and shows her his garage where he is hoping to work. She is not impressed though. In S2 E14, Megan treats an old lady, Joyce, who has fallen down the stairs, Megan puts up the safety bar on her bed and goes to call a doctor. While gone, Joyce falls after trying to reach her bell and the safety bar is down. She dies and Megan is unsure is she put the bars up and fears she will be blamed. Next episode she faces an internal investigation and a coroner’s inquest, Megan is cleared of all charges.

In S3 E1, we find Megan is living alone in a high rise flat, and sees Ted in Cheltenham every fortnight. She feels very lonely. In S3 E4, Megan has tension pains in her stomach, she tells her fears to Ewart, worried that her cancer is returning. In S3 E5, Megan’s school teacher friend is brought in with septic shock, from the facial plastic surgery she received after being attacked by pupils. She also treats a man with an infected thumb who is complaining about the service. Megan, who has been heading towards crisis, shouts at him and breaks down. Ewart takes her to his office where she tells him her troubles – Ewart comforts her. He then visits his Observation ward, while there he suffers a second heart attack. Megan finds him and attempts mouth to mouth. The CRASH team are called up, but efforts fail; Ewart dies. Megan is shocked. In S3 E9, Megan is annoyed with SHO David’s arrogant attitude, after he discharges a PMT woman who has cut her wrists. She later returns after overdosing on pills, Megan advises her. She also reveals to Sadie, how she is missing Ted and that she is going to Cheltenham, but next episode after her visit, she fears marriage problems as Ted didn’t seem keen on her moving up.

In Series 4, it is revealed Ted and Megan have split up. By S4 E2, she is still not herself, when she wrongly diagnoses a patient’s gash as a glass cut when it is infact a bite mark. The patient refuses to talk and walks out, but Megan persuades him to come back, where he tells them his dog bit him. In S4 E3, Charlie catches Megan taking valium from the store cupboard. She admits she’s dependant on them, but promises not to take them anymore. In S4 E4, she tells Charlie she is gradually cutting down on them. In S4 E5, Megan treats a man who has tried to hang himself, fearing God doesn’t love him. They discover he has also tortured himself with a studded belt – Megan tries to help him regain his faith. In S4 E8, Megan is annoyed when bed shortage forces a woman who has just suffered a miscarriage to spend a whole shift in a corridor. She is also hard on a father, who’s teenage daughter is brought in from drink abuse and it’s not the first time. Next episode, she is revealed to have talked to reporters about the bed shortage, leading to front page headlines. The staff back her up, but Valerie tells her she faces a disciplinary hearing. In S4 E10, Megan goes to see the General Manager, luckily she gets off with a warning. In S4 E12, Megan helps with the many casualties after a bomb explosion in the city centre. She also treats an ex-Army soldier, who is having flashbacks.

In S5 E1, Megan attends the funeral of her estranged husband Ted, who died after a coronary. Charlie goes with her and tries to giver her comfort. At home, Megan hears on the radio a fight has broken out at the football ground and is urging nursing staff to help out at hospitals in the area. She gets out her uniform and heads for work. After a stressful shift, Julian tells her off for becoming too emotionally involved, but bites his tongue when she tells him she’s just buried her husband. At the end of shift she breaks down in tears. In S5 E2 she is introduced to Social Worker, [ID 378]Tony[/ID], when they both help a wife who’s lost her partner in an accident. Megan and Tony begin to date. In S5 E4, Megan treats a homeless girl who has swallowed pills. She finds out she had a friend with her and persuades her to tell them where she is so as to save her. In S5 E7, it’s Megan’s turn to help Charlie, when he breaks down, he tearfully confides in Megan that he needs help. She cuddles him and says he only needed to ask. In S5 E9, Megan treats an anorexic girl who dies after swallowing pills. Tony also arrives and tells her he’s been offered a job in Manchester. In S5 E10, Megan is planning a week away in Snowdonia with Tony, but during the shift, his wife turns up and tells her they are still leading an active married life. Megan is shocked and confronts Tony. He apologises and even insists they still go away – Megan cannot believe his nerve. In S5 E13, a schizophrenic man is brought in after being hit by a motorbike. He has just murdered his wife’s colleague, after believing they’ve had an affair. Megan treats him, but he pulls out a gun and takes her hostage in CRASH. Megan tries to keep calm and nearly manages to get the gun from him, until a negotiator calls out to him. Charlie, dressed as a porter, goes in to take out a dead body, it backfires when Megan accidentally calls his name. Later, Emma, his wife, arrives wanting to talk to him, angrily he aims to shoot, Charlie rushes to move her away and is shot in the chest.

This is the last we see of Megan, we are unsure of whether she decided to move up to Manchester with Tony, but when she returns for Charlie’s wedding in S12 E25/ S12 E26. she is happy, single and running a health farm.

Memorable Moments

  • S1 E13 – Megan, convalescing at home, tries to help a neighbour, who is dying of cancer, get his last wish.
  • S3 E5 – After a stressful shift, out of character, she shouts at a patient, and is comforted by Ewart. Later on, she discovers Ewart, collapsed in the Obs ward and he dies after suffering a heart attack.
  • S5 E13 – Megan is held hostage in CRASH by a gunman – Charlie is shot in the chest.


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