Michael Stevenson to Take Break

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TV Times revealed today that Michael Stevenson will be taking a break from CASUALTY.

Talking to the magazine, recently departed producer Lucy Rafferty revealed ‘Michael Stevenson is taking a break, so it’s not goodbye.. we hope!’ adding, ‘Poor Michael’s exhausted. He’s put his heart and soul into Iain’s mental health story over the last few months’.

She also revealed there will be a new male paramedic joining the team, who is as yet uncast.

Of his departure, Michael  said “With huge sadness but immense pride, I have decided to take a break from this amazing show. Playing the role of Iain Dean has been a pure pleasure over the past six years and I have nothing but fine and fond memories. I have laughed every day and wish to thank everyone involved at Casualty for making my time here unforgettable. Thank you to the fans of the show for being so supportive of Iain throughout his mental illness storyline. The response from the public has been astonishing and I am incredibly proud of the work and what it has done for people’s perception and awareness of needing to talk. Iain’s journey will continue.”

You can read more revelations in this week’s edition of TV Times.

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