N’Deaya Baa Clements

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Plays Jane Winter

DATE OF BIRTH : 10th August 1972

PLACE OF BIRTH : Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

DATE OF DEATH : 26th April 2005 (died from septicaemia and kidney failure, complications from lupus, a disorder of the immune system)

N’deaya hid the tragic secret that she was dying from lupus from her colleagues in the last acting project ‘Jericho’. Colleague Robert Lindsay said ‘Jericho was one of her best ever performances.’

FAMILY : Swedish mother, Christina and Senegalese father

TELEVISION CREDITS : Into the Blue; Holding the Baby; Out of Hours; The Going Wrong; The Pretender; y2K; Arabian Nights; Thin Ice; The Lost Empire; Trial and Retribution; Ahead of the Class; Ultimate Force; Casualty; The Brief; Lie With Me; Sea of Souls; Ahead of the Class; Empire; Jericho

FILM CREDITS : The Perfect Blue; The Man Who Knew Too Little; The Man with Rain in His Shoes; Four Dogs Playing Poker; Tom & Thomas; Klassfesten; The Final Curtain

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