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Cas Actor

Plays Louise Tyler DATE OF BIRTH : 4th December 1981 PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Azuka played Tania Kearton in S19 E47 ‘Smokes and Mirrors’...

Cas Character

Played by Azuka Oforka Appearance S26 E7 ‘Wild Horses’ – S26 E12 ‘Natural Selection’; S27 E1 ‘Kansas’ – S33 E24 Job Title  Ambulance Control...


Watch Guy Henry’s video online chat with the BBC Holby City website talking about his alter ego Henrik Hanssen and what’s in store for...

This Day In History

1988 Casualty 3.8 Alison and Kiran plan to move into Cyril’s flat, despite Kiran worrying her strict parents won't agree.
1995 Casualty 10.6 Rachel has a public argument with Mike, and later Charlie confides in her his own feelings about Baz.
2000 Casualty 15.7 Upset with Patrick's attitude, Josh tells him he should spend a shift with the paramedics.
2003 Holby City 6.3 Chrissie learns of Owen and Tricia's affair whilst Nic is arrested.
2006 Casualty 21.6 Nathan informs the team that they have decided to downsize ED and either Holby or St James will be closed.
2008 Holby City 11.1 Jayne Grayson is frantic when her son Christian arrives at Holby after being found in a river.
2009 Holby City 12.2 Archie dies and Joseph’s attempts to help her inadvertently result in Faye, Connie and Ric being suspended.
2011 Casualty 26.10 Dylan is shocked to see Sam and it's clear they have history.
2014 Holby City 17.2 Dom’s excitement over his blossoming relationship with Kyle is threatened by a misunderstanding.
2017 Casualty 32.9 Connie distracts herself from her personal problems by trying to get to the bottom of the squabbles between Dylan, David and Louise.

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