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Cas Character

Nick Jordan

Played by Michael French


S23 E3 ‘Meltdown’ – S26 E42 ‘#Holby Riot (P2)’; S27 E18 ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ – S27 E21 ‘Life Goes On’

Job Title

Clinical Lead

First Words

Hi.. Nick Jordan. Two things you should be aware of. The first, I’m your new Clinical Lead and second your patient has a bottle in her neck.


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A decisive and confident consultant, Jordan was always striving for the top – he was known for his arrogance and ruthlessness, but was also passionate and charismatic. A lot has happened to Jordan in the time he has been away, and he returns to Holby, if not changed, then different, displaying vulnerabilities that weren’t there before. His reputation precedes him, but Jordan may not be quite as hard-hearted and ruthless as the ED team would expect. Jordan bursts onto our screens in S23 E3. Whilst Zoe and Adam are at loggerheads and the team failing under no clear leadership, Jordan is appointed as new Clinical Lead and wastes no time in taking command, Ruth for one is very impressed by the power he exhibits. In S23 E4, Adam doesn’t trust Jordan and the pair continue to clash. Adam wants to know why the celebrated heart surgeon has come to run their ED. Ruth, on the other hand, is thriving under Jordan’s leadership and seems to have started dressing in a more glamorous and feminine way. Emergency treatment is later needed when a car falls on a man’s leg after a fight at a garage. Jordan takes control in resus, but seems to have a memory lapse. No-one picks up on it and, without hesitation, Ruth continues where Jordan leaves off. At the end of shift, he gets into his car and takes a letter from his glove box – a referral appointment to see a specialist – he studies it, then screws it into a tight ball. In S23 E6, Adam hears that Jordan received a large bonus to join Holby and sets about spreading the gossip. Later, Marilyn presents a piece of equipment to the team and reveals that Nick generously bought it with his bonus, and Adam feels humiliated. In S23 E7, Jordan is suspicious when Toby covers up a mistake for Adam. Jordan tries to get to the bottom of the incident next episode but all the staff vouch for Adam. Jordan tells Adam he won’t be taking the matter further, but orders him to see duty counsellor Ben straight away. In S23 E9, Toby frustrates Jordan after failing to diagnose a simple case of trapped wind but, impressed with Ruth, he asks her to perform a complicated surgical airway procedure on an asthmatic young boy, which shocks Adam. Jordan dismisses Adam’s concerns but once the treatment is complete, Tess tells Jordan he was taking a risk letting Ruth do it. In S23 E10, both eager to please Jordan, Ruth and Toby see their chance to impress when the casualties of a major road accident are brought into the ED. Ruth is irritated when Jordan lets Toby send her to work with Adam, while Toby gets to assist Jordan. Later, Adam teases that she’s ‘not Jordan’s type’. In S23 E11, much to Adam’s disapproval, Jordan decides to perform a highly risky heart operation in the ED. With Ruth and Jay’s assistance, he pulls it off and the trio are elated. Flush with success, Ruth and Jordan celebrate – together. In S23 E12, Ruth wakes up in Jordan’s bed and revels in what she believes is the start of a new relationship. Jordan, however, clearly feels differently and later rejects her outright – to her utter humiliation. In S23 E13, tensions continue to simmer between Ruth and Jordan – especially when Jordan uses Ruth to cover an error regarding the name of a drug in resus. In S23 E15, Ruth attends her interview for surgical rotation but is furious when Jordan’s questions during the board scupper her chances. She continues to continues to rail against Jordan next episode for not getting the surgical rotation. He tells her that while she may be competent, it is her attitude and people skills which are letting her down. In S23 E21, wheelchair bound Alex (Adam’s brother) has surgery which is unsuccessful and as his condition worsens he confides in Jordan that he wants to sign an Advance Directive. Jordan urges Alex to fight his condition and finally reveals he too has a degenerative illness. Alex is outraged that Jordan is continuing to practice but Jordan refuses to listen and determined to prove himself, performs a risky heart operation. However, mid operation, he slips up and an unsuspecting Ruth steps in to save the day. In S23 E22, Adam is still finding it difficult to address his brother’s worsening condition and turns away Jordan’s attempts to help. In S23 E23, Jordan is faced with an impossible situation when Alex is rushed into the ED, having taken an overdose. Jordan grapples with his own demons as he tries to make a decision. When Adam discovers what has happened, desperately upset, he demands that Alex receives treatment. Jordan and Adam nearly come to blows in Resus and Adam is left trying to save Alex on his own, as his colleagues look on. In S23 E24, Adam is devastated following Alex’s death and wants to prove that Jordan should have treated his brother, despite the Advanced Directive. He challenges Jordan’s actions and raises the issue with both hospital management and the coroner’s office. Jordan must prepare himself for the inevitable enquiries, but remains defiant. Later Adams steels himself to go down to the morgue – where he is joined by Jordan. The men finally talk and Jordan echoes Alex’s words – that Adam cannot blame himself for Alex’s disability – and that there are some things in life that are out of their control. Jordan, however, knows he still has to face the prospect of his own uncertain future. In S23 E25, Tess and Jordan realise that Adam is not coping as well as he’s trying to pretend. Jordan helps Adam sort out Akex’s ashes. In S23 E27, Adam witnesses Jordan freeze in resus. Later, Adam is affected by a death at the hospital and Jordan tells Henry that he believes Adam is too emotionally unstable to work in such a high-pressure environment and that he should be moved to cubicles. Adam is furious and responds by telling Henry that Jordan is unfit to work in resus. Jordan in the meantime decides to self-medicate.

Memorable Moments

  • S22 E3 – Jordan takes charge of the Holby ED.
  • S22 E12 – Jordan rebuffs Ruth following their one night stand.
  • S22 E21 – Alex asks Jordan if he can sign an Advanced Directive.
  • S22 E23 – Jordan is faced with a tough decision when Alex is brought in following an overdose.


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