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HC Character

Nicky McKendrick

Played by Belinda Owusu


S19 E63 ‘We Need to Talk About Fredrik’ – S22 E44; S23 E37 – S23 E50

Job Title

F1/ F2/ Registrar

First Words


Mother, Tracey. Daughter, Juliet (with Cameron Dunn)


Nicky’s conscientious, talented and clever.  She is from a struggling working-class background and has to prove herself at Holby. She progresses from F1 to F2 and decides to specialise in cardiothoracic surgery. She also enjoys a party lifestyle.

Nicky arrives at Holby at the end of Series 19 with other F1 Meena, having been transferred from St. Francis’. Hanssen is determined to protect his staff and their wellbeing following the recent shooting, and gives the strict instruction that Meena and Nicky do not treat any patients, but only observe. Despite their friendship, Nicky and Meena often find themselves competing against eachother. In another episode, Nicky jeopardises her career when she treats patient Dan Chambers. Dan is an old school friend of Nicky’s and the pair have sex the night before he is admitted to Darwin . Nicky realises that Dan has nearly beaten another patient to death the evening before. He reveals he took intimate photographs of their night together in the hope it scares her from informing the police. Her mentor Mo convinces Nicky to report him and she is left scared by Dan’s behaviour.

Memorable Moments

  • S19 E63 – Nicky makes her debut
  • S20 E5 – Sacha congratulates Nicky on diagnosing a patient’s tumour
  • S20 E8 – Nicky wakes up hungover and handcuffed to the bed after a night out and falls out with Meena
  • S20 E16 – Meena lies to get to watch Gaskell’s operation instead of Nicky
  • S20 E17 – Frieda asks Nicky to treat her injured former boyfriend Roman at her flat
  • S20 E18 – Nicky struggles with her financial situation leading to Abigail thinking she is not committed to her job
  • S20 E20 – Sacha persuades Nicky to be involved in his new unfunded project
  • S20 E21 – Nicky and Meena are tasked with treating the same patient, but their friendship is tested as Meena is determined to prove her worth as a doctor.
  • S20 E26 – A hungover Nicky ends up in quarantine with Zav in the store room after spilling Sacha’s culture bottle
  • S20 E31 – Meena and Nicky successfully complete their first foundation year, but Ric and Serena feel they need reminding of what they are letting themselves in for.
  • S20 E48 – Mo encourages Nicky to prove her worth, spurring her on to prove herself to Jac.
  • S20 E50 – Mo puts Nicky up for a junior lead position, which requires Nicky to complete a video interview.
  • S20 E51 – An old flame Dan threatens Nicky to expose their liaison to get away with beating up another patient.

Love Interests

  • Dan Chambers
  • Cameron Dunn

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Belinda Owusu, who plays Nicky McKendrick made a shock exit from HOLBY CITY at the end of this series. Following the arrest of Cameron...

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