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Cas Actor

Nigel Whitmey

Plays Dan Wilder

BORN : Alberta, Canada

FAMILY : His family emigrated to Canada from Liverpool. His father used to work on the docks.


PARTNER : Actress Abigail Thaw (daughter of John Thaw)

CHILDREN : Daughters Molly-Mae and Talia.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Poirot; Josie; Jeeves and Wooster; People Like Us; Casualty; Streetwise; The 10th Kingdom; Attila; Shackleton; Helen of Troy

FILM CREDITS : Surviving Picasso; La Lengua asesina; Twilight of the Ice Nymphs; Girls Night; Saving Private Ryan; The 51st State

AGENT : Curtis Brown Group, Haymarket House, 4th Floor,28-29 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4SP.


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