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Scott joined Holby South after his disgraced predecessor, Harry Hutchinson, was marched out of the station in handcuffs at the end of series one. Scott is young, ambitious and good looking but it’s not all rosy in his garden. A messy divorce has left him free and single, making several hearts flutter in the station and not all of them are unattached.

holby.tv meets Oliver Milburn…

Scott has a very interesting introduction to Kate Keenan – how does this affect his new job?

Scott sidles up to Kate Keenan at a party because she is on her own and she is hot. They have a big flirt, which is a big mistake. However, Scott doesn’t know that she is John’s wife until he meets them both the next day at the Police Station. He then has to work with John knowing all along that he’s had a very blatant crack at his wife when John is completely unaware of the situation. This provides a lot of tension, but the main trouble is that there is a very evident sexual tension that exists between Scott and Kate and he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

What’s his reaction when he realises she’s married to his new DI?

Scott is not one to let something like marriage get in the way of a sexual conquest! However, his new found position and responsibility, coupled with his growing respect for John, means that he is not as predatory as he might be in other situations.

Does this make their working relationship tense?

Yes, but tense in a ‘my God, I’m tense because you’re so damn sexy’ type way. It’s tense, but fun.

Is Scott keen to impress her?

She is a beautiful, stylish woman. It is in his nature to try and impress her!

Like most men of his profession he seems to be ‘married to the job’..

Scott is divorced, but he is something of an enigma really. This series is all about Scott taking control, winning the respect of his men and catching the crooks. Oh, and flirting his arse off with Kate!

How does Scott manage his team?

With a tough attitude, the promise of lager and the odd smile. They respect him because he impresses them in his attitude and aptitude for the job.

How does he get along with John and Luke?

He has a strong relationship with both; he battles with John because ‘John is John’ but these battles are always resolved. Both men prove to Scott that they are great coppers on the up career-wise. Despite this, Scott would never feel insecure in his position because he feels that he is the best cop in the business.

Does it take him long to settle in?

No, it’s not his style to need time to settle into anything. He is the kind of man that finds adapting to new surroundings and situations easy especially if there are opportunities for him to improve his career or his personal life. Hopefully, he manages to do this with charm; otherwise people are going to resent him.

What was your favourite scene during the series?

Viewers will see Scott and Kate get cosy in a later episode – it was basically a scene in a pub with Zoe, where they get close to crossing the line. It was great to play because of two reasons: a) we were filming in a pub and b) Zoe was there!

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