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Cas Character

Pam Wilson

Played by Rosie Rowell


S13 E6 – S13 E16


We are first introduced to Pam Wilson in S13 E6, when we see her in a restaurant having dinner with a man named Tony. It’s Pam’s birthday. The pair argue, and Tony says he has to go. Pam asks if he’s going to meet with another woman. Tony loses his temper and storms out. It is revealed that Pam is a prostitute. Later on, Pam enters a club trying to find Tony. She finds him sat with his arms around two teenage girls and shouts at him. One of the girls shouts back and the two end up fighting. Tony says he’ll take Pam to hospital as she has a cut on her head. When there, Mark takes Pam to a cubicle to treat her. Mark asks George to see Pam, as her boyfriend insists on a doctor. Josh tells Mark that Tony is her pimp, no her boyfriend. Mark is amazed, and George says that he’s smitten. She goes to treat Pam, and tells her that the cut is superficial, and that Mark could have treated it. Pam says that Mark is cute, and George says she hasn’t noticed. Pam realises that there is some history between them. Pam is looking for Tony, and talks to Mark. She says “See you around.”

Pam’s next appearance is in S13 E10, when she is back in A&E with cuts to her face. Duffy is going to treat her but Mark says he’ll sort her out, recognising her from before. They share a joke together in the cubicle. Pam also tells Mark that Tony is now in prison. Mark finishes patching up Pam’s cuts, and tells her to come back so he can see to them. In reception, Mark comes and asks Amy for an appointment for Pam the next day. Pam says, “Or he’ll start pining.” Mark agrees. George watches them. Later on, Pam comes into reception and leaves some flowers for Mark with Amy. They say: “To my guardian angel”.

In S13 E12, Pam and Mark come out of a hotel together. He tries to put her off when she talks about seeing him again that night. She asks what’s wrong and he says they shouldn’t have done it. Pam says there’s no rule against it. Mark lets her know he wants to leave it at that; she tells him she’s not working any more. He asks if they can talk later; she tells him to forget it. However, at the end of Mark’s shift, Pam comes to meet him and they leave together.

In S13 E15, Mark is dropping Pam off as she’s meeting a friend – Pam says, “She was god to me when I first started”. Pam is going to lend her some money to pay a fine, but she only has £50 and her friend Donna needs £100. Mark gives her the rest when she asks. Donna is talking to her daughter Mandy about getting hold of drugs. Pam comes and tells her she’s got the money. Pam offers to come to court with Donna, then takes her for breakfast. Then Pam tells Donna she’ll be back at 1.30. Donna asks her for the money now in case she gets held up. Mandy tells Donna she’s in deep trouble – she’s blown Pam’s money on “rock” and is due in court in half an hour. She says she’ll go and try to earn some money before Pam comes. Donna is taken into A&E and treated by Mark. Pam arrives back and Mark accuses her of asking him for money for Donna to spend on crack. She denies knowing that’s what she’d do with it and is angry with Mark, saying she’ll go out and earn it for him. In the background, Donna leaves her cubicle, heading for the exit. Mark asks Pam if she thinks he’s a pimp. She says he’s worse than a pimp; pimps are more honest than he is. Mark takes her to Donna’s cubicle and they find it empty. Pam goes to find her, and does. She tells Donna about her problems with Mark. Donna tells her to forget him, but Pam won’t; Donna says she thinks she’s in love. Later, Mark is at the pub with George and Sunny. Pam comes to find him and Mark gets up to talk to her. She says he really hurt her; he says he’s sorry. They go back to her place.

In the next episode, Mark and Pam are in the canteen. She wants a kiss but he won’t kiss her because he’s at work. He thinks she’s on something; she says only vitamins. Mark tells Pam that there’s been some drugs missing in the department and that people suspect he’s to blame. Pam she realises they think he’s getting them for her. She’s angry with him and says the two months they’ve been going out is to long. Mark asks Pam if they can go somewhere special tonight so he can make it up to her. She says he sounds like Tony, but at least she knew where she was with him. She asks Mark what he wants and says that he hasn’t got the bottle to finish it. Mark doesn’t deny that he wants to. She kisses him on the cheek and says, “Bye, Mark.”

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