Paterson Joseph

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Plays Mark Grace

DATE OF BIRTH : 22nd June 1964

STAR SIGN : Cancer

HEIGHT : 5ft 8

LIVES : Caribbean descended, Paterson lives in France.

WIFE : Emmanuelle

CHILDREN : One son (b.2004)

TRAINED : London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

PREVIOUS JOBS : Spent 18 months working as a trainee chef at a London hospital.

ON CHARACTER MARK : ‘He is very capable, very positive and very forthright.’

ON MISSING CASUALTY : ‘It will always remain a special time and that’s down to the generosity of Derek and the rest of the cast.’

FAVE STORYLINES / SCENES ON CASUALTY : ‘I did enjoy the worst moments of Mark’s life – discovered a doctor, Jade’s mother, the lady of the night storyline and any scene with Rebecca ‘not now Mark’ Lacey.’

ON FILMING SOLDIER SOLDIER : ‘It involved a lot of water stunts and I can’t swim, it taught me how to trust inflatables and stunt men.’

ON PLAYING HAMLET IN NEW YORK : ‘I played Horatio and it was a very simple, very powerful production. Some incredible names came to see us, and my wife Emmanuelle was out there with me too. It was a golden time, like a second honeymoon.’

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Paterson appeared in CASUALTY before his role as Mark, in S8 E24, he played Michael, a blind man. [[ID 1684]More Info…[/ID]]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Streetwise; South of the Board; Dead at Thirty; Sam Saturday; The Bill; Not Even God is Wise; Always Be Closing; Dead Ringers; Between the Lines; Casualty; Soldier Soldier; Neverwhere; Safe as Houses; Armadillo; Now You See Her; Cold Feet; Waking the Dead; Silent Witness; Loving You; A Touch of Frost; Ghost of Albion; Murphy’s Law; Sex Traffic; Green Wing; My Dad’s the Prime Minister; Dalziel & Pascoe; William and Mary; Elmina’s Kitchen; Dr Who; Rose and Maloney; Jericho; My Shakespeare; Peep Show; Open Wide; Hyperdrive; Jekyll; The Fixer; Boy Meets Girl; Chop Socky Chooks; No 1 Ladies Detective Agency; Blood and Oil; Survivors; Rules of Love; Case Histories; Coming Up – Food; Death in Paradise; Hustle; Henry V

FILM CREDITS : The Beach; Greenfingers; The Long Run; The Baby Juice Express; In the Name of the Father; Wild Flowers; AEon Flux; The Other Man; Let it Snow

THEATRE CREDITS : Raping the Gold; Soloman and the Big Cat; The Tempest; Philoctetes; Slaughterhouse Five; Whale; Don Juan; Troilus and Cressida; Love’s Labour Lost; King Lear; The Pretenders; The Recruiting Officer; Blues for Mr Charlie; Hamlet; Henry IV; A Doll’s House; Le Blancs; The Royal Hunt of the Sun; Saint Joan; The Emperor Jones

AGENT : Hamilton Hodell, 5th Floor, 66-68 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SR.


* Paterson is a patron of along with Kathy Burke.


Since leaving CASUALTY, Paterson Joseph has continued to work steadily on television and starred in the film The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. He was also recently seen on a documentary on Channel 4, directing a Shakespeare play to young teenagers.

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