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Popular HOLBY CITY actress Patricia Potter had a busy 2006; aswell as playing her role of Diane Lloyd in the medical drama, she also found time to run a marathon, appear in comedy ‘Extras’ and get engaged. Her announcement to be leaving HOLBY CITY – her last scenes to be shown in June – comes as a disappointment to her fans, however recently caught up with Patricia…

Diane left our screens for three months last year following a botched operation in which she got in trouble for covering for Nick. Your character had some great scenes with Nick, did you enjoy filming them and what was it like working with Michael French?

I really enjoyed filming them – it’s always fun to get stuck with a good storyline and it was great working with Mr French. We got the giggles a lot.

Diane has has a rocky relationship with Ric which recently faultered when she felt he didn’t support her during the Bosman case. Will they get their friendship back on track? A number of fans are hoping for them to become a couple, do you think this may ever happen and would you like to see this too?

Ah – the old Diane/ Ric thing. It would be wonderful to think of Diane finally settling down and being happy wouldn’t it! But remember this is Holby we’re talking about. I think regardless of how fond of eachother they are (and they are!) a rocky road lies ahead…

During your three month break, you completed the London Marathon. How do you rate the experience and is it something you would do again?

Oh it was hideous. Never again! I started crying at mile 15 and it was only lovely Jim that kept me going! Actually having said that it was an unusual and exciting experience being in amongst all those people with all the amazing crowds of supporters but I don’t think I’ll rush into doing it again!

You also made a guest appearance in an episode of Extras which must have been great fun. Did you enjoy it?

It was quite frightening leaving the security of the Holby environment which I know so well and going onto a new set but it was a fantastic experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Filming a usually hectic schedule on Holby, what else did you enjoy doing in your recent time off from the show?

It was lovely just to have time to catch up with normal things like cooking and shopping and seeing my family. I painted the house and enjoyed late evening with friends knowing I wouldn’t have to jump out of bed at 6am the next morning!

Congratulations on your recent engagement, have you made any wedding plans yet?

Thank you! Yes it’s really exciting but I’ve got a newfound respect for anyone who has ever organised a wedding – so many huge decisions – and the expense too! It’s fun but a little stressy!

As one of the show current longest  serving cast members, how long  do you plan to stay with Holby?

Well actually I’ve decided to leave the  show later this year as I will have  been there for five years. Madness to  go really I still love working on Holby and throroughly enjoyed myself there but it just felt like the right time to move on. Scary!

Would you ever consider going on a celebrity reality TV show?

I don’t know the answer to that one. It depends entirely on what it is. I would be up for a charity Fame Academy type thing if I were asked but sticking my head into a box of snakes or whatever you have to do in that wretched jungle? No no no.

Are there any acting roles you would love to do that you haven’t done already? Which actors/ actresses do you admire?

Oh yes – loads and loads! Too many to list. I admire too many actors and actresses to list really as well. I know it sounds a bit trite but really successful people in this profession who still remain happy and down to earth and humble really impress me. Judi Dench for example. It’s such an odd industry where you can go from feast to famine in an instant, and when you’re working you’re treated with kid gloves as if you’re a VIP and the next moment you’re unemployed and looking for anything with which to pay the mortgage. If you can keep calm and on an even keel in either situation then you’re doing alright I reckon!

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