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HC Actor

Paul Bradley

Plays Elliot Hope

DATE OF BIRTH : 28th May 1955

BORN : Nuneaton, Warwickshire

FAMILY : His late father was a doctor. Four brothers; Peter, Tom and Ciaran. His other brother Dara died in 2004 from a rare blood disorder [haemochromatosis], which Paul also is a carrier. He also has one sister Fiona.

PARTNER : Wife Lynn.

CHILDREN : Son, Matthew and daughter, Maud.

ON CHARACTER ELLIOT : ‘He’s a bit like Colombo. He’s always thinking and isn’t bothered about appearance or the politics that’s going on around him. He’s an eccentirc genius who’s extremely good at his job.’

ON HOLBY COMPARED TO EASTENDERS : ‘I love Holby because it’s like being in a play. It’s a gentler pace, you have more time to rehearse. If EastEnders is the rock ‘n’ roll, Holby is the jazz.’

TELEVISION CREDITS : The Young Ones; Stop That Laughing at the Back; Kate Robbins Show; Birth, Marriages & Death; Bradley; Smith & Jones; Bottom; Hale & Pace; The Geeks; The Conference of the Birds; Don Quixote; CU Byrne; Eastenders; Red Dwarf; Le Show; Rwanda – Hope in Hell; The Heavan and Earth Show; My Family; Spinechillers; Murder Most Horrid; Boon; The Manageress; T Bag; Secret Desire; The Gift; Travelling Man; Comic Strip; Red Dwarf; The Bill; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : The Pianist

THEATRE CREDITS : The Servant of Two Masters; Romeo and Juliet; Twelfth Night; Charley’s Aunt; Pravda; Taming of the Shrew; Around the World in 80 Days’ Much Ado About Nothing; Bulldog Drummond; Peter Pan; Goldilocks and The Three Bears; Jack and the Beanstalk; Cinderella; All That Trouble We Had; The Threesome; The Pirates of Penzance; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; The Relapse; The Wind in the Willows; Dick Whittington; Noise Off; Journey’s End

RADIO/ VOICEOEVER CREDITS : Something to Think About; Love, Pray and Do the Dishes; Supermarket Kisses; Together; Nottingham Family Concert; Wizard of Oz; Poems by Post; Times & Tunes

AGENT : Richard Stone Partnership, 2 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8PS.

DID YOU KNOW? : Paul sings and plays sellotape and guitar in the band The hKippers.


Gallery : Paul Bradley shop > Paul Bradley


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