Pauline Quirke

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APPEARANCE : S3 E8 ‘Living Memories’

CHARACTER : Mary Taylor

STORYLINE : Paramedics bring in a young girl, Rachel, with breathing difficulties. Megan looks after her distraught mother, Mary, while in CRASH Med Reg, Peter, performs a tracheotomy. She survives.

APPEARANCE : S21 E12 ‘No Place Like Home’


STORYLINE : A homeless woman, Jackie, is admitted to the ED. However, she walks out, despite being told that she has gangrene in her foot and will lose it if she leaves. Jackie returns to the streets and goes to an internet cafe when, suddenly, a car crashes into it at high speed. Jackie and a young man are trapped in the rubble and Maggie, Charlie and Josh are faced with an agonising decision – whether to amputate Jackie’s leg at the scene or risk both patients dying.

ACTOR FAMED FOR : Sharon in Birds of a Feather

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