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Cas Character

Peter Guildford

Played by Adam James


S19 E19 ‘Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Daughters’ – S19 E43 ‘ There Are Worse Things I Could Do’

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After Comfort is thrown out of her house by Ruth Abbott, claiming to be his wife. Staff Nurse Claire suggests she speaks to her brother, Pete – who is lawyer and may offer her advice.

We are first introduced to him in S19 E19, when he comes into the department to meet with Comfort. Bex sees him and takes an immediate shine to him. Pete tells Comfort that they will be able to get Ruth out of the flat for now but it will be difficult to keep her out. Pete asks to see Comfort again, with all her paperwork so that he can determine the best course of action. In S19 E20, Bex asks Claire when her brother will be visiting Holby again and reminds Claire that she owes her a favour after the Luke incident. Claire tells her that he will be arriving later that day to deliver legal documents to Comfort – Bex looks happy. When she later spots Pete in reception, she flirts with him. She invites him to Charlie’s 50th and he readily accepts the offer. Later at the party Claire’s brother arrives in fancy dress and Bex makes a play for him – they share a passionate kiss. In S19 E21, Bex arrives at work late. She tells [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] that has spent an amazing night with Pete. Later that day Pete comes to see Bex with a massive bouquet of flowers. He tells Bex he wants her to know that last night was not a one night stand and he will take her out that night. Bex is elated and tells Sam she thinks she might have met ‘the one’. In S19 E22, Bex tells Luke that Pete has asked her out for lunch but she said no as she wants to play hard to get. She decides to bring him a sandwich to his office as a surprise instead. She walks in to find him kissing another woman. She runs back to the hospital distraught. In S19 E23, Bex is still upset about Pete. Claire tells her she had no idea he was seeing his receptionist. In S19 E24, Bex decides to go to the Valentines Ball with Claire to take her mind off Pete. They are having fun until Bex bumps into Pete there – with another woman. Claire chides Pete for the way he treated Bex but he says that they were only dating and were not serious. Bex gets increasingly drunk and sends Pete annoying text messages until he switches his phone off. She saunters over and demands to know why his mobile is off. The girl he is with assumes the worst and throws her drink over him before storming off. When they leave the club Pete offers to walk Bex home whilst Claire waits for a taxi. When they get to her house, Pete asks to come in but Bex refuses. He insists, saying she has been leading him on all night. She is shocked, saying she is not interested and was simply teaching him a lesson. She goes to slam the door in his face but he forces his way in. He pushes her up against the wall and rapes her. In S19 E25, Pete walks away from Bex’s house leaving her dishevelled on the hall floor. She quickly locks the door afraid he will return and calls the police to report the rape. The police arrive and although Bex is trying to put her normal brave face on it she finds it hard to tell the police officer what happened. Bex tells them the rape was committed by Claire’s brother Pete. The police arrive at Pete’s house and arrest him for rape. In S19 E26, Pete has been kept in the cell, he undergoes his medical examination and is given bail. He goes straight to the hospital to tell Claire Bex has accused him of rape. Claire is in shock and cannot believe Bex would lie but this quickly turns to anger when she sees how upset her brother is. In S19 E28, Pete tells Claire his fears and that he may ruin his career, he maintains his innocence. In S19 E31, Bex is back at work after her hypo, and determined to get back into the swing of things. She is on top form as she refuses to take any nonsense. Bex’s breezy confidence crumbles however, when Pete uses all his powers of manipulation to get Claire to speak to Bex for him, to find out why she’s pursuing a case that’s so obviously a lie. Claire is taken in by Pete’s story and sends Bex into a panic when she tells her that Pete is at the hospital to see her. When Bex gets home that night she thinks she sees a figure outside her flat, and is convinced it’s Pete. She calls Luke in a panic, who runs straight over there to protect her. Bex is so upset by everything that’s happened that day that she decides there’s no way she can go through with the court case. In S19 E33, Bex decides to go through with the case. Meanwhile, Clare is struggling with the thought of her brother’s court case and goes to speak to Pete. She is shocked when he reveals something to that he was forceful with Bex but that she was asking for it. In S19 E34, It is the day of the trial, Claire tries to talk to Pete outside but he says he did not rape Bex and begs her not to say anything. In court, Pete’s defence lawyer tries to discredit Bex in the witness box, reducing her to tears. Later, Selena gives her evidence. She says the injuries Bex sustained could be down to consensual sex but makes it clear that in her professional opinion it was not consensual. That night Claire breaks down under the strain. She tells Luke that Pete told her he came on heavy with Bex but that she led him on. She wants comfort from Luke but he is furious and throws her out of his house. In S19 E35, Luke tells Claire that she must tell the prosecution about Pete’s revelation. Claire tells Pete what Luke said, although he warns her that the conversation is hearsay and that it will be inadmissible in court. In S19 E36, Claire tells Luke she will tell the jury that Pete had sex with Bex, despite her saying no, and Luke reassures her that she is doing the right thing. Later, Claire tells Pete what she is planning to do, but he repeats what he previously told her – that the claim will be inadmissible in court. Claire says she knows he is lying, but a desperate Pete begs her not to say anything and says that he wouldn’t survive prison. When a tearful Claire takes to the stand, she almost tells the truth about Pete but cannot bring herself to do so, and says nothing. Outside, Pete thanks her but she tells him to leave her alone, and Luke walks off in disgust.

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