Philip Bretherton

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Plays Andrew Bower

DATE OF BIRTH : 30th May 1955

HEIGHT : 5ft 10

BORN : Lancashire

TRAINED : Manchester University (1973-77) where he gained a degree in English and Drama.

HOBBIES : A keen sportsman who enjoys swimming, rugby, horse riding, cricket and holds a jet ski license

ON ANDREW AND DUFFY : ‘Their relationship has been going through a sticky patch and Andrew thinks he can rekindle things by working with her – he doesn’t discuss it with her, he just turns up… Duffy is one of the best liked characters and people are bound to take her side. I hope I can make them warm to him’

ON GORY SCENES : ‘I’m a bit squeamish I have to confess, I had to do a horrible scene where this guy was in an accident and had a central heating pipe spearing his leg. I had to pull the pipe out and it made a horrible noise. I concentrated really hard and managed to do it without looking too terrified!’

REAL LIFE CASUALTY INCIDENTS : ‘I’ve been to casualty a few times, especially as a kid. I think the worst time was when I was beaten up by a gang. It was my own fault as this guy snatched my fish and chips and threw them on the ground. My temper got the better of me and I went for him – then I woke up in hospital!’

TELEVISION CREDITS : At Bertram’s Hotel; Vanity Fair; The Balance of Nature; The Return of Truscott Reed; Bertrams Hotel; Christabel; Inspector Morse; The Paradise Club; The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes; Coronation Street; The Day Today; As Time Goes By; Hollyoaks; Reach for the Moon; Real Women; Wing and a Prayer; Family Affairs; Casualty; Footballer’s Wives; New Tricks; Murder in Suburbia; The Bill; Londynczycy; Doctors; Midsomer Murders; Silk

FILM CREDITS : Cry Freedom; Christabel; Dark Floors

THEATRE CREDITS : Lost in a Mirror; Good Morning Bill; Mary Stuart ; The Poet And The Woman; Dial 10 Amazing Little Boyfriends; My Fat Friend; Beauty And The Beast; Building Blocks; The Medea; Blithe Spirit; Beethoven’s Tenth; The Importance of Being Earnest; St Joan; Private Lives; Joan of Arc; Up and Under; Joking Apart;The Cenci; One for the Road; The Wizard of Oz; Destiny; Six Degrees of Seperation; Present Laughter; Seasons Greetings; An Ideal Husband; Who’s Afraid of the Virginia Woolfe; Life After Scandal; Breaking the Silence; Noises Off; Pygmalion; Hayfever

AGENT : Tim Scott Management, PO Box 61776, London SW1V 3UX.


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