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Cas Actor

Ray Winstone

APPEARANCE : S9 E17 ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

CHARACTER : Terry Brennan

STORYLINE : After a prison visit, Terry Brennan is distraught when his wife, Pat, says she no longer wants to see him. He takes advantage of a disturbance at the prison to find a weapon and injure himself. Dan Kavagnah, the warder who accompanies Terry and the other prisoners to Holby, is working his last shift; and back at the prison there are preperations for his surprise leaving party. While waiting for an x-ray, Terry asks Dan if he would let him go for an hour, so that he can talk to his wife. Dan agrees, and Terry goes home to discover Pat living with his best friend. A fight ensues. Terry returns to A&E, and collapses with a knife wound to his chest.

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