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Cas Character

Rida Amaan

Played by Sarah Seggari


S37 E26 ‘Welcome to the Warzone’ –

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Rida is in staffroom, when Ryan and Cam enter giving eachother banter.

Ryan: You one of us then?

Rida: Depends how that story ends



Compromise isn’t part of Rida’s vocabulary. If you were in her care you would expect to see her go the extra mile to fix your problems, you would see her create order from chaos with self-control and composure and she wouldn’t be afraid to tell you how it is if tensions were fraught. Rida cares for the Muslim community she is part of, but just like everything else in her life, she won’t let it rule her if she doesn’t want it to.

Memorable Moments

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