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Cas Character

Rita Freeman


Played by Chloe Howman


S28 E2 ‘One There Was a Way Home P1’ – S30 E42 ‘The Fear’

Job Title

Staff Nurse / Clinical Nurse Manager

First Words

(on phone) Mr Douglas? It’s Rita Freeman.. your tenant in Flat 7


Ex-husband, Mark Richie (d.2014)


Memorable Moments

  • S29 E2 – Rita loses her patience with a dishonest patient.
  • S29 E3 – Rita is drinking after revelations about her husband being a sex offender come to light. Ash makes her confront her issues.
  • S29 E18 – Rita struggles when her ex husband is accused of abusing a 13 year old student.
  • S29 E21 – Rita and Connie band together to help a grieving mother.
  • S29 E24 – Rita and Connie have a showdown in her office.
  • S29 E29 – Rita reports Connie to the police following Alfred’s death and she is arrested.
  • S29 E30 – Rita stitches up Connie further as she stays in a police cell accused of murder.
  • S29 E31 – Connie is released from prison when Rita finally comes clean.
  • S30 E7 – Rita and Iain can’t keep their hands off each other, but are determined to keep their budding relationship a secret from their co-workers.
  • S30 E11 – Rita and Iain bond over a violent incident in the ambulance bay.
  • S30 E22 – Iain is jealous when new paramedic Rocker flirts with Rita.
  • S30 E31 – Rita is shocked by the arrival of her ex husband who has been having a relationship with an underage girl.
  • S30 E32 – Rita is jumpy after her run in with Mark and is concerned he is out to get her.
  • S30 E34 – Iain is feeling smothered by Rita’s incessant plans for them.
  • S30 E36 – Rita needs somewhere to stay and Iain offers up his spare room but Jez warns him he is getting in to deep.
  • S30 E37 – Rita breaks up with Iain, before he gets the chance. But he promises to help her when she is shocked that her tyres have been slashed.
  • S30 E38 – Rita finds out Mark didn’t slash her tyres but doesn’t tell Iain as she’s enjoying the attention from him.
  • S30 E39 – Iain injures his private parts in trying to hide from Rita who ends up treating him with a large needle. He’s forced to admit his commitment.
  • S30 E40 – Rita gets caught up in her own lies when she claims Mark has given her a black eye.
  • S30 E42 – Rita is shamed into resigning when her secrets are revealed.

Love Interests

  • Iain Dean

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