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After being sexually assaulted last year by Alan Clooney in HOLBY CITY, Jac finds herself once again face to face with her attacker. Full of anger and fear she threatens to kill him in front of colleagues and when Alan is found stabbed only a few hours later, Jac is arrested and brought in for questioning at Holby South station. When the call comes through that Clooney has died, Jac is looking at a murder charge and her usually calm and stern personality starts to crack under the pressure. Could this life saver really be a killer? talks to Rosie Marcel…

Jac is very headstrong and feisty but do you think she would ever be capable of taking someone’s life?

Jac is a very strong character and there’s really not much to like about her! However her job is to save lives, not to take them. She believes in her job and her abilities as a surgeon and would not jeopardise that for anything.

There is a very strong case against her. How is Jac going to prove her innocence?

She finds it hard because everything is pointing at her. She has no credible alibi; her fingerprints are on the murder weapon; she earlier had an argument with the victim where she threatened to kill him which several people heard and the man lying dead is the man who tried to rape her! Anyway, who says she’s innocent!?

Joseph is asked if he thinks she’s capable of murder, do you think she’d be shocked by his response?

I think Jac would be very shocked and disappointed at Joseph’s statement! He is the only person Jac has allowed to get even remotely close to her. I think she feels he knows her better than anyone. However, she has a lot of history with Joseph, not all of it good, so he probably believes she is capable of anything!

How do you think the HOLBY CITY fans will respond to Jac’s spell in Holby’s nick?

I think the fans will love the storyline! Not only for Jac getting her just desserts but also for the final outcome which is right at the end of the episode so you are left dangling right until the end as to whether she’s done it or not. You get to see another side to Jac in this episode; a side that she never shows in HOLBY CITY so that should be really interesting to fans of the show.

What was it like filming with the HolbyBlue team?

It was fantastic! It was lovely to be welcomed onto their set and see what it all looks like and how it works differently to our lot! I really enjoyed being part of it and am very excited to see the final product!



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