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Cas Character

Ruby Spark

Played by Maddy Hill


S32 E41 – S34 E31

Job Title



Parents Lavender and Hugo Spark. Sister Violette (who died in 2020) and her niece Harmony.

First Words

(running towards a patient collapsed on the floor) Sir, can you hear me Sir? My name’s Ruby, I’m a paramedic

Last Words

Jan, thank you – for everything (she rides off in a campervan with baby Harmony)


Serious and straight talking Ruby is intelligent and the ultimate perfectionist. At first her colleagues find it difficult to relate to her but realise she needs the confidence to be able to succeed.

Her first call is treating a drug overdosed patient, but he wakes up as she attempts to give him medication and punches her. Her day does not get any easier when she then performs CPR on a patient with a DNR and successfully revives the patient. Iain and Sam are unimpressed by Ruby, but Jan tells Ruby that her colleagues will not hold anything against her, and that she must get back out in the ambulance and move on. At the end of the series, Iain, Ruby and Alicia are involved in an ambulance crash on the motorway.

This follows on into the next series where Sam is tragically killed. Iain blames himself and in his downward spiral holds a grudge against Ruby. In one episode the pair work together. They attend a hoax call before heading to a car crash where Ruby delivers a baby. Iain apologises to Ruby for his behaviour. The pair seem to be getting on better however one moment in the pub, Iain misreads Ruby’s signals and kisses her leading to an awkward moment. They continue to work together including a tense moment where a bankrupt farmer holds them hostage. Ruby becomes concerned for Iain’s welfare and goes round his house to discover he has taken an overdose but the team are able to save him. Ruth also befriends a young carer, Dani, whose mother dies.  Jan warns Ruby not to become too involved, however it’s clear Dani begins to have an obsession with Ruby when she keeps turning up and puts a tracking device on Ruby’s phone. Things come to a head when Dani steals her stethoscope and pretends to be a paramedic. Ruby reports her to the police and Jan reprimands her.

In Series 34, following Iain’s departure a new paramedic Lev joins. Ruby is at first concerned to work with Lev when she notices he has a right wing gang tattoo on his chest but warms to him in how he treats his patients. We are also introduced to Ruby’s drug addict sister Violette when Ruby is called out to deliver her baby, Harmony. She runs off after an argument with Ruby. In a later episode she is brought in following a heroin overdose and Ruby agrees to take care of Harmony. Robyn and Lev offer Ruby their support and she is offered a place to stay at Robyn’s house. Harmony comes down with meningitis and a scared Violette takes off with her – Ruby rushes to find them at the train station. Ruby attends a family therapy session with Violette at her rehab centre, where she tries to persuade Ruby to let her out. She refuses, and when targeted by a patient who deals drugs, she overdoses. When taken into hospital, Connie tries to resuscitate her, but Violette dies. Ruby’s mum, Lavender and dad, Hugo arrive and offer to help with the baby but after a while Ruby feels they may not be the best people to look after her especially when she learns they are planning to live abroad. Ruby’s last shift involves her amputating a woman’s arm following a train crash. She then heads to the airport to reclaim Harmony. Ruby quits work and leaves with baby Harmony in a campervan, heading for Loch Lomond to scatter Violette’s ashes.

Memorable Moments

  • S32 E41 – Ruby has a tough first shift.
  • S32 E42 – Ruby attempts to work on her awkward personality during her shift with Sam, but once again fails to impress her.
  • S32 E44 – Ruby is involved in an ambulance collision on the motorway.
  • S33 E1 – Following the CRASH, Ruby treats an injured Alicia but the team are devastated by Sam’s death.
  • S33 E7 – Ruby delivers a baby following a car crash.
  • S33 E11 – Iain and Ruby receive a call-out to a warehouse which has been set alight following an explosion.
  • S33 E15 – After their shift, Iain and Ruby go out drinking together, where Iain misreads Ruby’s signals and kisses her.
  • S33 E21 – Ruby and Iain are held hostage by a bankrupt farmer.
  • S33 E25 – Iain and Ruby get called out to a nightclub after the ceiling collapses. Ruby is unknowing of Iain’s suicidal thoughts.
  • S33 E26 – Ruby discovers Iain has taken an overdose .
  • S33 E27 – Ruby and Jan help a young carer, Dani, whose mother dies. Ruby promises to help Dani in the aftermath, and Jan warns her about becoming involved.
  • S33 E29 – Gemma thanks Ruby for saving Iain’s life.
  • S33 E30 – Dani shows up to be taught first aid, and has the same hairstyle as Ruby; she later installs a tracking device on Ruby’s phone.
  • E33 E31 – Ruby becomes worried when Dani shows up at the ambulance station and at casualty scenes.
  • S33 E35 – Ruby tells Dani to leave when she finds out she has been lying unknowing she has also stolen her stethoscope.
  • S33 E38 – Dani pretends to be a paramedic at the scene of an accident and Ruby informs the police. She also attends a paramedic support group with Iain.
  • S34 E13 – Ruby is concerned about working with Lev when she notices a right wing gang tattoo on his chest.
  • S34 E16 – Ruby delivers her drug addict sister Violette’s baby.
  • S34 E18 – Violette overdoses on heroin and is brought in whilst Ruby agrees to look after her baby.
  • S34 E19 – Robyn and Lev offer Ruby help with Harmony.
  • S34 E22 – Ruby asks Robyn if she will allow Violette to stay, to which she agrees.
  • S34 E24 – Ruby rushes to save Harmony who has meningitis as Violette plans to run away with her. Ruby confirms she will applying for custody.
  • S34 E25 – Violette dies after taking an overdose at rehab.
  • S34 E27 – Ruby’s mother, Lavender, suggests that she and her husband should have custody of Harmony, and Ruby agrees that she cannot cope.
  • S34 E31 – Ruby amputates a woman’s arm following a train crash. After discovering Lavender is planning to move abroad with Harmony, she stops them at the airport. She decides to take care of Harmony, quits Holby and heads to Scotland in a campervan to bury Violette’s ashes.

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