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HB Series

S1 E01

Episode Summary

It’s a busy time for the team at Holby South, with Asbos a-plenty, mountains of paper work and a handful of new recruits to integrate. However, they remain committed to “shaping a safer Holby”, even if their personal lives suffer as a result.

It’s DS [ID 1949]Luke[/ID] French’s first day, and DCI [ID 1952]Harry[/ID] Hutchinson wastes no time in introducing him to his new Inspector, DI John Keenan, whose passion for the job knows no bounds. After sizing up CID’s newest member, John sets Luke straight to work on a case.

Garry Drake is fiercely possessive of his wife but, when he threatens to shoot her, the team brings him in. During the interview, Luke notices that Garry has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As he seems to be getting nowhere fast, John decides to ruffle Garry’s feathers by making a mess. However, being a man who likes to do things by the book, Luke soon learns how unconventional his new DI can be and when they return to Garry’s house, after discovering he has a second gun and is threatening his wife again, John manages to persuade him not to shoot.

It is also probationer [ID 1958]Lucy[/ID] Slater’s first day, although she makes a clumsy entrance to her first brief. The station’s stern and organised Inspector, Jenny Black, partners her with PC Robert Clifton, a self-confessed God’s gift to women, who is hugely disappointed and finds Lucy nothing but annoying.

Whilst they are on patrol, Lucy receives a call to arrest suspected paedophile Russell Bennett. Seeing him nearby, she is quick on his heels. Unable to pull Robert away from his latest conquest, and, despite it being her first arrest, Lucy goes it alone, but finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Elsewhere, after an eventful time bowling with his two kids, John takes them home to his estranged wife, [ID 1951]Kate[/ID]. Noticing a new car in his old driveway, and curious to know who the owner is, John questions Kate.Learning she has a new boyfriend, John discovers he had previous form by running a police check on him and tries to inform Kate. However she is less than impressed and tells John she plans to file for divorce. She later regrets her decision but when she tries to call him – he is already getting friendly with CPS officer [ID 1959]Rachel[/ID].


* Garry Drake – threatens to shoot wife.

* Russell Bennett – suspected paedophile.

Notable Facts

* Derek Thompson makes a brief appearance in the Holby ED department as Charlie Fairhead.

* Robert says to Lucy ‘Just because you’ve nicked a bloke doesn’t make you Miss Marple!’

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Screencaps : S1 E1

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