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HB Series

S1 E04

Episode Summary

The team at Holby South continue to investigate the case against drugs baron Nicolai Stenga, and how he knew about their recent raid on his warehouse. The truth of the matter is far more shocking than they could ever imagine, however, and the informant is actually the man they all look up to and trust the most – DCI Harry Hutchinson.

Set on stopping his ex-girlfriend, Louise, testifying against him once and for all, Stenga demands Harry finds out the location of her safe house. A desperate Harry knows he has no choice but to divulge this information and put Louise and her daughter’s lives in danger.

PC Robert Clifton is desperate to deal with an action-packed case, but, whilst in pursuit of a suspect, he trips over a worse-for-wear tramp, Pops. Robert is hardly overjoyed at the prospect of sorting out the smelly Pops, but has a battle with his conscience when he gets a call to attend a possible murder and the opportunity to deal with a stimulating case he’s been clamouring for.

Meanwhile, Vinnie Dwyer, a petty thief, is thrilled to be out of prison but can’t help falling back into his old ways, breaking and entering and getting caught red-handed by PC Neil Parker. Back at the station, and terrified of going to prison again, Vinnie tells DS Luke French that he has strong underworld contacts and knows information that may help both him and the CID team.

Screencaps : S1 E4

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