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HC Past Series

10.04 The Apprentice – 6/11/07

S10 E4 (6 Nov 07) : The Apprentice by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

Kyla is drunk when she arrives on duty. She administers the wrong medicine to one patient and unhooks the machine of another, who later dies. Faye covers for her, but eventually Kyla is forced to admit her mistake. Ric smells alcohol on her breath and Kyla is sent off the ward. She then threatens to reveal Ric’s documents of his night-op plan if he reports her.

Meanwhile, Connie is going on sabbatical and locum cardiothoracic Stuart McElroy arrives to stand in her place. Connie tells Sam and Joseph that one of them will have to act-up in her place and they spend the rest of the day competing with each other. Stuart tests them by refusing to operate on a smoker, to which Sam agrees. Joseph disagrees, operates, and is chosen for the senior role.

Later, Mark confesses to Elliot about his recreational cocaine use.

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Screencaps : S10 E4

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