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HC Past Series

10.49 Separate Lives – 16/9/08

Episode Summary

Ric is put on the spot when Jayne says he has to make redundancies – and Lola’s name is top of the list. Mark finds the list in Ric’s office who warns Lola she could be facing the chop, and she manages to sweet-talk Ric out of telling her. With Ric unable to tell Lola her time’s up, it’s up to Jayne to break the bad news.

Jayne approaches Lola, who suddenly becomes defiant and threatens legal action, saying she won’t go without a fight, so Jayne offers her more money to take redundancy. As Lola leaves, Ric grabs her arm and says he knows what her game is – that she knew her time at Holby was coming to an end and was trying to get a good pay-off.

Jayne assures reporters that she will do all she can to safeguard the health of the conjoined Tan twins, now that immigration have denied the family asylum in the UK. Linden tells a concerned Mr Tan that, despite the risks, an operation to separate the twins is vital. But Mr Tan thinks that maybe God should decide their fate.

Also, Kyla and Daisha vie to impress Mark to secure the Sister position that has come up on Keller ward, and Donna and Maddy tell Maria that they don’t believe her email admirer, Aaron, is genuine.

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