S11 E15

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s11e15S11 E15 (21 Dec 96) : The Dying of the Light by Christopher Reason

Episode Summary

Jude, preoccupied with her pregnancy, is not sure if she will make it to the staff party. A singer is rushed into casualty suffering from an epiglotic abcess and will need surgery; she cannot take part in a Christmas show and her director cancels it. But Matt, overhears, books the company for the party.

A stroke victim brought in for respite care has another stroke and falls downstairs. Jack allows him to die in resus, as the humane course. The patient’s wife and son are with him when he dies and the experience brings them closer together.

At the party Jude tells Matt her news; while Matt catches his breath, she storms off. Gloria and Richard enjoy the party; they are going away for Christmas together. Kate looks stunning, but her brave facade soon crumbles. Matt finds Jude and assures herof his support. Meanwhile, the music company lead a naughty singalong.

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