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HC Past Series

S11 E02

S11 E2 (28 Oct 08) : Or I’ll Never Fall in Love by Nick Warburton

Episode Summary

Chrissie stands outside Holby thinking about her future as an ambulance arrives with a mother and son, Tim, who were involved with a car accident. Sam rushes out and calls for a hand, but Chrissie freezes and the mother dies.

Meanwhile, Connie decides that she can no longer see Jon after discovering he is married to Jayne. Jon tries to talk Connie back into their relationship and promises to leave Jayne, but Connie can’t face breaking Jon away from his family.

Chrissie seems to have made her mind up. She no longer wants to be a nurse. Mark and Sam try and change her decision, but too much has changed. She says goodbye to Sam, and they fall into a hug. At this moment, Maria sees Sam and their eyes lock – perhaps he has some feelings for Maria after all?

Faye and Joseph talk weddings and their future together. Faye is insecure when she sees Joseph talking to the pregnant Daisha. Joseph reassures Faye that he is fine about not having children and suggests that they get married in the next few weeks – “Why wait for next year?” Faye, however, isn’t happy about the idea.

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