S11 E21

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S11 E21 (10 Mar 09) : Feet of Clay by Michael Levine

Episode Summary

Ric enforces his zero-tolerance policy when Steve Hewitt, a well-known philanthropist, arrives at Holby. Ric turns him down for treatment, however, on the basis that he is overweight and a smoker but, when he goes into crisis, Connie gloats.

Annalese, meanwhile, is determined to find out what Michael’s been up to and checks up on Donna, who has a necklace that matches hers – confirming Annalese’s suspicions of an affair.

Donna, Maria, Maddy and Tom are all hungover but try to continue working, and Tom fakes some research for Ric’s crucial paper for the board.

Notable Facts

* ‘God Put a Smile on Your Face’ by Coldplay plays at the beginning of the episode.

* ‘Waters of March’ by Susannah McCorkle plays at the end of the episode.

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