S11 E03

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S11E3S11 E3 (4 Nov 08) : Labour of Love by Karen Laws

Episode Summary

Michael goes behind Elliot’s back and performs a dangerous procedure for a new medical paper on one of his patients, in the latest episode of the medical drama. Jac gets wind of it and is desperate to get in on the action. Michael is impressed with Jac’s work and offers to take her for a drink, but is suddenly put off when he bumps into the new anaesthetist – his wife.

Faye brings Archie home, but Joseph’s paternal instincts don’t make themselves apparent and he heads off to Holby to catch up on paperwork. At the hospital, Joseph gets in the lift with Daisha, but the lift breaks down just as Daisha’s waters break.

Meanwhile, Donna is jealous of Maria’s man and asks Sam to help her get some theatre experience so she can get a high-profile doctor boyfriend.

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