S11 E31

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S11 E31 (19 May 09) : Seeing Other People by Dan Sefton

Episode Summary

Maddy is devastated after losing out on promotion, but Ric notices that she is working hard again and gives her another chance. Before Maddy makes it to the interview, however, she is stabbed by Chantelle.

It’s Chrissie’s first day back as a full-time sister on the ward, meanwhile, and she is unhappy with the way that her father is obviously infatuated with Daisha. Daisha later decides to move out of his flat.

Elsewhere, Joseph and Faye have to choose a best man and someone to give Faye away. Neither of them wants to make contact with their families, however, and both decide that Linden will be Joseph’s best man and Elliot will give Faye away.

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Notable Facts

* Steven Miller plays Barney Collins.

* Lizzy McInnerny plays Judy Jones.

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