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Cas Series

S12 E01

S12E1S12 E1 (6 Sep 97) : Give my Love to Esme by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Jude and Matt have sent a card from Crete, saying that they have got married. It is George’s first day at work and there are also a few other new characters, such as Tina, Amy, Mark and Elliot. Baz, on the other hand, is having a day off and is going to go shopping with Louis as he needs some new shoes. Charlie was meant to join them, but he has to go to a meeting with the trust.

Robert Layton, a middle aged man, is brought into resus. He has fractured three ribs when he fell down from the roof, trying to replace some guttery. The x-rays also show that he is suffering from arthritis and they find out that he has got an appointment at the hospital, in 2001. Robert’s daugher says that his arthritis is really bad and that something needs to be done. In the end it also proves that Robert had not fallen down from the roof, but jumped, because he was so depressed.

Josh and Liz are bringing in Esme, who is about to give birth. Half-way to the hospital they realise that they will not make it in time, so they pull over and wait until Esme has given birth to a little baby boy, who she and her boyfriend Ian decide to call Josh. Ian goes to tell his parents that they have had a little boy, but his parents are against the whole thing and his father, who is a priest, is trying to talk him into marrying Esme, saying that Ian is making his life difficult by not marrying her. Ian leaves them and goes to a shopping centre, where Esme’s father Spike is working. Spike finishes for the day and they go for a drink, planning to afterwards go to hospital to visit Esme.

Jason and his girlfriend Lucille Pelham get stopped by the Police, because they think that Jason is driving a stolen car. They soon get to continue driving towards the shopping centre. Jason is constantly complaining about the Police, whereas Lucille actually is planning to train to become a policeofficer. Jason says that he does not want her to do it, saying that it feels like she would be betraying him. Lucille gives Jason her engagement ring back and storms off and Jason cannot, even if he tries to follow, catch her.

Charlie gets a phone call, saying that there has been a bomb threat in the Towers shopping centre. The hospital starts to get ready for a major incident and they are shocked to hear that there has been an explosion and up to fifty people are injured. Charlie is increasingly worried, knowing that Baz was going shopping. He is trying to call her, but there is no answer. Inside the hospital it is all quiet and everyone is just waiting for the first casualties to be brought in, while Sunny is outdoors trying to keep all the reporters out of the hospital.

Soon the first patients are brought in. Bred Williams, one of the security guards, has got a tension pneumothorax and he has got an object in his chest. Another patient that is brought in is Ariadne Preston. She had been shopping with her husband Stan and they were going to leave for Australia, where there were supposed to visit their son that they had not met for nine years. Ariadne, however, has had a huge piece of glass sticking out of her stomach and Stan tried to pull it out, cutting his hands while doing so. Ariadne is now suffering from internal bleeding and eventually she dies.

Baz is talking to some policemen at a road block, saying that she needs to get her car to get into A&E. They ask her where she has left her car and when she says that she left it in the Tower carpark they say that she will not see it again, since that is exactly where the bomb was. She finds someone to look after Louis and goes to help instead. She is soon asked if she could join the paramedics inside the shopping centre, as they need a doctor. Ian has got some stuff on his legs and they are unable to move him. Soon another bomb is found in a phone boot and the shopping centre is emptied so that the bomb can be removed. Josh and Baz do not agree to leave, saying that if they leave Ian he will die. Eventually they realise that they have to amputate one of his feet to get him out of there and there is hardly anything left of the foot anyway. Baz cuts the leg off and they get Ian out of the shopping centre just in time.

Jason is trying to find out whether Lucille has been brought in or not, hoping that she would have left before the explosion. Lucille is on a ward, with only a cut in her head. She is also a bit confused and hardly remembers anything. Later on when Tina goes to check her, she is unconscious and a CT scan shows that she has a blood cloth in her head that they, however, manage to remove in theatre. Other patients that are brought in include Susan Shaw, a woman who has had a part of her leg amputated and Maddy Costello, who was flown against a wall by the blast. When they start treating her and remove her clothes they end up realising that she actually is a man, but they promise not to tell anyone about it. There are a lot of other patients that are brought in and also quiet many that cannot be saved.


* Robert Layton, fractured three ribs after falling down when trying to replace some gutters

* Esme, gives, in the ambulance, birth to a little boy that she calls Josh

* Ian, Esme’s girlfriend, gets seriously injured when bomb goes off, Baz has to amputate his leg

* Spike, Esme’s father, is with Ian in shopping centre, pneumothorax

* Ariadne Preston, an old woman who gets internal bleeding due to havign some pieces of glass in her stomach. Later on she dies in resus

* Stan Preston, Ariadne’s husband, has got a cut in his hand after pulling the piece of glass out of Ariadne

* Bred Williams, a fifty-year-old security guard, tension pneumothorax

* Lucille Pelham, a woman who wants to become a policeofficer, gets a cut in her head in bomb explosion, proves to also have a blood cloth in her head

* Maddy Costello, a 22-year-old woman who is flown against a wall by the blast, proves to actually be a man

* Susan Shaw, a 35-year old who is brought in with part of her leg amputated

First Scene/words

The ambulance is driving towards hospital, with Esme who is about to give birth and Esme’s boyfriend Ian.

Ian and Esme: Jack and Jill, Jack and Jill, Jack and Jill, Jack and Jill, Jack and….

Esme: It hurts!

Last Scene/words

Charlie and Louis are waiting outside the hospital area.

Charlie: Look who’s coming here! Wow, designer labels.

Baz: Well, you saw the state of my clothes.

Charlie: Yes.

Baz: You were worried?

Charlie: A bit.

Baz: But you knew I had to be at the optician’s at noon!

Charlie: Ah….. Silly me.

Baz: You were really worried?

Charlie: Yeah.

Baz: I’m so sorry.

Charlie: Listen, it’s been a bit of a long day. Do you mind if we don’t walk home?

Baz: I think the car might be a bit of a write off!

Charlie and Baz hug each other.

Notable Facts

* Before Elliot started as a manager at the hospital, he was marketing frozen peas.

* The message on Baz and Charlie’s answering machine is “Baz, Charlie and Louis can’t come to the phone at the moment, so don’t hang up. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Bye.”

Review by Karin.

Notable Facts

* Before Elliot started as a manager at the hospital, he was marketing frozen peas.

* The message on Baz and Charlie’s answering machine is “Baz, Charlie and Louis can’t come to the phone at the moment, so don’t hang up. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Bye.”

* Christopher Colquhoun plays Maddy Costello.

Review by Karin.

Screencaps : S12 E1

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