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Cas Series

S12 E24

S12 E24 (14 Feb 98) : We Can Be Heroes by Jonathan Rich

Episode Summary

Elliot has arranged a self defence course for Eve, Tina, Sam, Sunny and Amy. Eve surprises everyone by winning over Sunny while Sam, on the other hand, shocks the instructor, Eddie Vaughan, by throwing him onto the carpet so that Eddie breaks his arm. Sam is thinking it is his fault and he is afraid that the instructor will give him what he deserves one day, as Eddie reasonably is not that happy about being sent onto a two-month-sickleave. Sam is constantly apologizing, saying that he is sorry and is surprised when Eddie eventually, before leaving the hospital, asks him out on a date. Sam, however, refuses.

Liam comes to the ambulance centre to talk to Josh. He thanks Josh for the computer and gives him a card. When Josh later on opens the card he finds out that Liam wants Josh to adopt him. Penny says that he will break Liam’s heart, leaving Josh wondering why Penny has been so much against everything that he has done about Liam. Eventually an upset Penny reveals that she knows what it is like for Liam, because she used to be at a children’s home when she was younger, after her mother had got brain damaged in a car accident when Penny was eleven.

Josh and Penny bring in Nicola Gould, a middle-aged woman who is complaining that she has got chest pains. When Tina comes to take an ECG Nicola requires that a doctor should do it instead and when Richard comes to tell her that the ECG shows that she is not having a heart attack, she says she wants them to take another ECG, this time performed by a doctor, and that they should make all the necessary tests. Richard eventually agrees on taking another ECG, even though the department is really busy, but once again everything is normal. When he tells Nicola about this, she gets angry and blames then from wasting her time, saying that she shall make a formal complaint. Richard has had enough and starts shouting at her before storming off. George finds him in the staff room and Richard says that he knows there is no excuse for shouting at a patient, but that he has had enough and does not know if he wants to continue working there.

Baz goes to meet Lisa Miles, her solicitor. She wants to ask what will happen about Louis if Baz gets a new job somewhere else, because the relationship between her and Charlie is over. However, they are interrupted by an angry man, Anthony McLaughlin, who storms into the office, blaming Lisa Miles for the fact that his wife is taking a divorce and saying that she has to let him know where his wife is staying. Baz tries to make him leave, saying that they are in the middle of a meeting, but Anthony soon brings out a gun pointing it towards Baz. When a police car arrives he takes Baz hostage and forces her into his car outside the office. The policecar starts chasing them, but Anthony used to be a policeman and he has got a police radio, from which he can follow what the Police does. Baz is trying to escape and to talk him into stopping the car, but he just goes on, driving like a lunatic through the town, until he finally manages to get the policecar out of sight.

Anthony takes Baz to the roof of a warehouse by the harbour. He phones Lisa Miles, saying that he needs to get to talk to his wife, especially since it is Valentine’s Day. Baz soon realises that he is bleeding and when she asks about this, he shows a knife wound in his stomach. Baz says that someone needs to see to it, otherwise they are talking about hours, not days. Anthony, naturally, refuses to go to hospital, but Baz says she could call someone to come to help him. At work there is a chaos and everyone is wondering where Baz is when they need her, and they get even more suspicious when Charlie, all in sudden, says he has to leave to help Baz with something. He cannot tell anyone where he is going, since Anthony on the phone threatened to kill Baz if he got the police involved, but he collects some equipment and drives out to the harbour. Baz soon helps Anthony with the knife wound, only for Anthony then to start talking to the police that now is close to them, saying that he can afford killing a hostage now that he has got two of them. Charlie tells Baz that he has been missing her and that if he for one minute thought that he deserved to get her back, he would ask her to marry him. Anthony soon decides that it is time for some action and is about to shoot Baz when the police officers finally manage to put an end to the whole thing.

Back at Holby everyone is shocked to see Baz return together with a few policemen, asking her what has happened. Baz, however, has a cut on her leg and Charlie takes her to a cubicle. They hug and Baz admits that she has been missing him as well. Charlie says that he meant what he said about getting married, but Baz says she has to think about it. Afterwards they both walk out of the cubicle and Baz says that she has got an announcement to make: They are getting married.


– Eddie Vaughan, self defence instructor, broken arm after training with Sam.

– Nicola Gould, a woman with chest pains who constantly want a consultant to see to her and no one else.

First Scene/words

[Baz has gone to meet her solicitor Lisa Miles.]

Lisa: Baz!

Baz: Lisa. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.

Lisa: Not at all, come on up.

[Baz and Lisa go upstairs just as a man, Anthony MacLaughlin, stroms into the office.]

Anthony: I want to speak to Lisa Miles now!Receptionist: You cannot be served now.

Last Scene/words

[Charlie and Baz walk out of the cubicle.]

Baz: Looks like I missed a busy shift.

Mark: It was a breeze.

Elliot: That’s not what you said earlier, Mark.

Actually, while you’re all here there’s something I’d like to say. Charlie and I are getting married.

[Everyone congratulate Baz and Charlie.]

Elliot: Well done.

Charlie. Who’s in reception…. We’re supposed to be working. We’re still supposed to be doing something, we’re an A&E department.

[No one seems to take any notice of what Charlie says.]

Mark: Well done. Keith said something about statements?

Charlie: No, that’ll have to wait. We’ll sort out this shift first.

Mark: Sure.

[Everyone goes back to work and a surprised and happy Charlie hugs Baz.]

Charlie: Thank you.

Notable Facts

– Charlie is living above Kellaway Fish Bar.

– Nicola Gould is played by Veronica Roberts (practise nurse Laura Elliot in Peak Practie)

Review by Karin.

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