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HC Past Series

S13 E10

S13 E10 (21 Dec 10) : The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Chrissie is feeling every inch the single working mum when she arrives late for work after being up all night with Daniel. The idea that the panel may find her to blame for a mistake on the ward following a patient complaint pushes Chrissie over the edge and she has a meltdown on the ward. When Sacha is a willing shoulder to cry on, Chrissie starts to realise how amazing he is and wonders if her perfect man is staring her in the face.

Excited to be asked to cover Registrar responsibilities, Penny lets the power go to her head. Not only does she patronise Ollie, but she also spends too little time caring for her patient and realises she has handled things badly. Penny is knocked off her high horse when her debrief with Michael feels worryingly like a date.

Joseph rallies to help Faye deal with a sick baby Harry, trying to mask his concern about Faye’s state of mind. When Faye announces she doesn’t want to return to Highfields, Joseph knows he has to step in and arranges for Faye and Harry to spend Christmas with him, even though this scuppers his romantic plans with Jac. Joseph feels relieved that he has done the right thing, but all is not what it seems when Faye makes a mysterious phone call. What is she planning?

Notable Facts

* ‘Ill Be Home for Christmas’ by Michael Buble plays at the end of the episode.

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Screencaps : S13 E10

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