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HC Past Series

S13 E26

S13  E26 (12 Apr 11) : Boy Valentine, Girl Valentine by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

As news of a train crash arrives at Holby, Penny issues Oliver with an ultimatum. He must tell Hanssen that he failed his exams – or she will.

Oliver struggles to cope on AAU and gets himself into a sticky situation with a vulnerable patient. It could affect his decision to confess all.

Meanwhile, the day Jac has dreamed of has finally arrived: she’s queen of Darwin. With a major accident to deal with, she is keen to ensure everyone follows her command. But after some shocking news from Hanssen, it seems that this job will demand more of her than just good medicine. She’s going to need some help.

Elsewhere, Sacha is determined to be happy for Chrissie and Dan, but it’s not easy when they don’t seem to share the same medical ethos.

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