S13 E31

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S13  E31 (17 May 11) : Step on Up by Gillian Richmond

Episode Summary

Elizabeth tries to remain level-headed when her grandmother turns up gravely ill. She attempts to keep her distance but gets drawn back into the web of dark secrets that map out her past.

Sacha has to step up to the plate when he’s moved to AAU and puts people’s noses out of joint with his officious management style, but soon learns a valuable lesson.

Jac is hoisted by her own petard when she tries to get one over on Sunil by bumping his patient for hers. She is left thwarted when her patient romantically falls for Sunil’s and chivalrously gives up his space, but Elliot counsels her that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Notable Facts

Songs played in this episode are Fleet Foxes ‘Your Protector’, Jeno Jand, Concentus Hungaricus: Andras Ligeti ‘Mozart Concerto for Piano No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466: 2nd Movement Romance’ and First Aid Kit ‘Ghost Town’.

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