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Cas Series

S13 E08

S13 E8 (17 Oct 98) : She Loved the Rain by Simon Mirren

Episode Summary

Adam comes out of the lift. A guy (“Scruffy”) asks him if he can spare change for a cup of tea. A man with a notepad (“Specs”) asks a man with a cut hand (Mr. Bright) what happened to him; he has cut his hand on a knife. Amy asks him to stop smoking. Duffy asks Amy what Specs is doing.

Max asks Sean if he can have a word, Sean agrees and is acting normally. When he has gone, Tina tells Sam that she thinks it’s strange that although he sent home a patient yesterday who returned and died, Sean is acting like nothing happened.

Mr. Bright is sitting on the floor in reception. Adam asks him to move, and he gets angry and starts to attack him. Mark and Sunny come along and between them they throw him out of the department. Outside, a car pulls up. A woman inside is about to give birth. Her husband tells them their names: Alan and Maggie Decker. Amy sees the fuss on her CCTV screen and tells Duffy, who goes out. Scruffy asks Amy for change; she says he can’t hang around there all day, but she’ll buy him a drink during his break.

Sunny is holding Maggie’s hand; Duffy says it’s too late to move her. Mr.Bright comes to look, and Duffy tells him to go and wait quietly inside.

An ambulance pulls up, with an old woman (Mrs. Cole) inside, who has collapsed with chest pains. Her husband is with her, he says she works too hard at the gardening. He wants to be with his wife, but he can’t stay with her. Chloe takes him inside.

Sunny is helping Maggie and breathing with her. George says she needs help and Duffy goes in and asks Adam to phone; he does and says what’s needed in the same way as one of the medical staff would. Mr. Cole is giving his wife’s details to Amy; he seems a bit confused.

In resus, Mrs. Cole is getting worse, and she crashes. Mr. Cole is sitting in reception. Scruffy asks him for money and he gives him a pocketful of change. In resusc, they start to shock Mrs. Cole.

Maggie is having trouble, but Sunny supports her and eventually she gives birth. In resus, they stop trying to resuscitate Mrs. Cole. In the car, Maggie is holding her baby, and everyone is calm. Alan thanks Sunny and hugs him.

Three lads in their late teens (Ricky, Stevie and Tate) are discussing some “job” they are about to do. Ricky asks Stevie if his brother Billy is coming. Above them, Frank Gallagher comes out of his flat with a girl; he tells her they did all of his drugs last night and asks if she has any more. She hasn’t, and she goes. Billy arrives and they tell him they’re going to do a warehouse full of hi-fis. They says it’ll be the last job before he goes to college and persuade him to come. They get into their van and set off. Frank comes out of his flat and throws himself down the steps. The lads see but leave him, calling him junkie scum, but a woman comes to Frank.

Mark, Sam and Amy are crowding round Sunny, teasing him but saying well done. Sam is checking his hand which Sunny says Maggie crushed, but Sam says it’s just bruised. Sunny goes on about the miracle of the birth to Amy, saying that one minute there was pain, screaming, blood and sweat, then the next there was a new life. Amy looks upset.A midwife has still not arrived for Maggie. George complains to Adam, but Sam sticks up for him, saying it’s not his fault.

Max asks Chloe where Mr. Cole is. He is outside, asking God to look after her. Chloe approaches him. She tells Mr. Cole about his wife’s death. He says he wishes he’d been with her, and wishes it was he who had died, not her.

Josh and Penny arrive to see to Frank. Josh admires a carthat is for sale. They go up to Frank, and the woman who called them leaves. Frank says he feels bad but is obviously acting.

Sean comes in to see the baby as George goes. He asks Maggie how she’s feelin and realises there’s something wrong with her. They take her to crash as she is bleeding. Sean orders George around.

Maggie is now stable, and goes up to a ward. George tells Max that she thinks Sean should slow down before he makes another mistake.

The van with the lads in is pulled over by the police. They recognise one of the policemen, Felix. The other, PC Garrett, asks Stevie, the driver, to get out and asks to see his driving licence. Ricky answers back. Felix looks in the back and says well done to Billy for getting into college.

In the ambulance, Josh talks to Penny about the car. Frank complains that he’s having difficulty breathing, and asks which hospital they’re taking him to. When Penny tells him they’re going to Holby, he says he would prefer St. Thomas’. However, they go to Holby and take him into resus.

The lads pull up outside the warehouse and put on balaclavas. Billy is unsure about it all but they persuade him.

Chloe takes Mr. Cole to see his wife, then leaves him with her. He says he always wanted to be with her, and asks how he is going to live without her. He kisses her.Sam asks Adam how he knew the treatment he told him yesterday. Adam says he used to be a senior staff nurse in Melbourne. Sam comments on the difference between the hot weather and beaches there and Holby. Adam says you have to try everything once.

Some of the lads see to the security guard at the warehouse, but he says he hasn’t got the keys. They ask him for rope and he tells them where to find some.Frank says he feels sick and needs pethidine. George walks out, and asks Max to deal with it. Max looks in, but sees his son and goes out again. Frank shouts for a doctor. Max tells George he’s sorry but he needs a word with Sean.

Billy and Ricky climb up to the roof of the warehouse. PC Garrett asks Felix about the lads; they were schoolmates and he and Billy used to be friends, but Stevie put a stop to it. On the roof, Billy tells Ricky he’s scared of heights, but Ricky says to follow him.

George tells Frank he’s just got a sprained wrist and a few bruises. She says they’ll give him painkillers, not what he really came in for. George tells Sunny to take Frank to a cubicle. He asks for a second opinion, and she asks Max to see to him.

Sam asks Adam about Australia, and they have a laugh together. Tina watches them.

Max tells Sean that the post-mortem on Eugene shows that he died of an extradural haematoma. He tells Sean he’ll have to rethink his statement.

Chloe is seeing to Mr. Bright’s cut. He moves every time she touches his hand and is in a bad mood. He starts to fit and Chloe shouts for help. He has not told them that he has epilepsy. The others come to help her and give him oxygen, and he comes out of the fit.

Ricky and Billy are still making their way up the roof. Billy is unsure about whether it will support them. Ricky tells him he thinks it’s good that he’s going to college.

Mr. Bright says he hopes he didn’t hurt Chloe. Max asks why he didn’t tell them that he had epilepsy. He replies that he lives with it all the time, and says that he hasn’t been taking his medication as he was fed up with it. Max advises him to take it in future.

Sunny tells Sean there is someone in reception to see him. He goes to see. It is a woman, who tells him she wanted to see the last person who saw her son Eugene. Sean takes her to the relatives’ room.

Ricky and Billy reach an opening in the warehouse roof. Ricky ties the rope around his waist and tells Billy to lower him down. The police car drives past and they lie flat on the roof. The car stops outside the warehouse.

Eugene’s mother asks Sean if Eugene was in any pain when he died. Sean says he wasn’t. She thanks him for trying to save her son’s life and invites him to Eugene’s funeral.

Billy knocks some metal from the roof. PC Garrett hears it fall and they get out of the car. Seeing that there’s no security guard, they climb over the fence. Stevie and Tate run out of the building to get away, and are chased by PC Garrett. The roof starts to give way, and Billy calls to

Felix for help before they both fall through. The policemen go to the security guard, and he gives them the keys. They go into the warehouse. Billy is on the floor, but Ricky is hanging upside-down by the rope round his waist.

In reception, Josh has phoned the owner of the car and is making enquiries. Scruffy asks him for money. Penny comes in and tells him they have been called out to the warehouse.

In the warehouse, PC Garrett is being kind to Billy. Ricky egains consciousness and screams when he sees where he is. He has an enormous piece of metal stuck in his leg. Billy starts to lose consciousness.

Tina sees Sam looking at Adam, and asks if he sees something he likes. Sam says he doesn’t like Adam and the way he struts around, but Tina says he’s protesting too much.

Amy buys Scruffy a drink. Alan Becker buys Sean a drink and thanks him for what he did earlier.

Josh climbs up inside the warehouse to lower Ricky down, despite Penny’s objections. Another ambulance arrives. Josh lowers Ricky to PC Garrett and a paramedic, then climbs down the rope. Ricky insults Felix.

Sean tells Max about his visit from Eugene’s mother. He says he’s angry that she’ll hate him when it all comes out, and she’ll blame him. He says he doesn’t want pity from his colleagues because he’s not guilty.Max says of course she’ll blame him. Sean admits that Eve saw it and he didn’t. Max says that people of worth have to overcome difficulties, and that perfection is unattainable. Duffy comes in to call them to resus.

Billy is brought into resusc. He can’t move or feel his limbs, and has no reflexes.

Sunny sees Amy crying, but she says she’s just tired. She sees Specs writing again, and loses her temper. She has a go at him, thinking he’s from the hospital management or something and saying that what the department needs is money. She gets a round of applause from the waiting patients, but Specs then reveals that he is a writer doing research for a TV drama.

Ricky is brought into resus, refusing treatment. He calls to Billy.

In reception, PC Garrett asks for Chloe. Amy is talking to Specs. Billy’s brother comes in and asks how he is.Ricky is objecting to his treatment. He gets up off the trolley and runs out of resusc into reception. He pulls the metal out of his leg. While the fuss is going on, Mr. Cole pulls his wife’s trolley out of resusc. In reception, Ricky, who is bleeding heavily over the floor, threatens to cut anyone who comes near with the metal. Adam is behind, close enough to do something but he does nothing.

PC Garrett approaches Ricky and ricky lashes out and cuts him. Max talks to Ricky, telling him he’s only got too minutes to live at the rate he is losing blood. He offers to let him go to a cubicle and they’ll let him die, or come with him and he’ll try to save his life. Ricky collapses and they get him on a trolley and into resusc. George says they need a vascular surgeon to stop the bleeding but Max says he’ll do it. George objects, but he says he wants Ricky to live and to keep his leg.

As Chloe patches up PC Garrett’s cut, she tells him that she can’t stand wondering if he’ll be the next one in A&E. He says he can look after himself and kisses her before leaving. Adam asks Chloe where Mrs. Cole’s body is – he’s dicovered that she isn’t in resusc.

Penny lets Josh know that she disapproves of him taking that risk, and says that she cares about him even if he doesn’t. Josh doesn’t pay much attention, he just says he’s glad she cares.

Outside it has started to rain. Mr. Cole is outside with his wife on the trolley. Chloe and Adam come up to him. He says, “She was the most wonderful thing that happened to me. She was all of my world. She was all of me. She loved the rain.” The staff take them both back inside.

Sam comments to Tina about Adam avoiding Ricky. Adam walks past the blood on the floor in reception, with a strange look on his face.

George goes into Max’s office. She apologises for doubting him and says that she’s proud to work alongside him. He asks about “the young addict”, and she tells him he just had a few bruises and goes, leaving Max to think about it.

Notable Facts

*Mr Cole is played by Norman Wisdom

Review by Alison

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