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HC Past Series

14.01 Keep on Keeping On – 18/10/11

S14  E1 (18 Oct 11) : Keep on Keeping On by Gillian Richmond

Episode Summary

Hanssen is informed by Sir Fraser that the hospital’s target of achieving Foundation Trust status is now on hold after the plastics scandal. Aware that the fate of Holby relies on today’s performance, can Hanssen guarantee he has the full support of his staff?

Elizabeth returns from compassionate leave only to receive some unexpected news about her family. After becoming unintentionally involved in a patient’s life choice, Elizabeth’s inspired to make a big decision regarding her own future.

Chrissie is determined to prove herself to Eddi who’s responsible for signing off her nurse practitioner management module. However, her recent engagement means that her personal life is beginning to interfere in her professional one. Which will she prioritise?

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