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HC Past Series

14.17 The Best Man – 7/2/12

S14  E17 (7 Feb 12) : The Best Man by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

Michael realises he has competition for the role of AAU Clinical Lead with the arrival of Consultant Alex Broadhurst. They disagree over the treatment of patient Nathan Savage who has abdominal injuries. Michael encourages Nathan to fight for the woman he loves. Can Michael take his own advice and fight for his position of lead?

Oliver connects with a grieving patient who has heart problems. Greg fails to recognise the skills that Oliver has gained under Jac’s mentorship. Will Greg step aside and allow Oliver to prove his talent and save the life of his patient?

Dan deals with a stubborn patient who has turned her back on her aristocratic upbringing. Her need to protest against war has put her health at risk. Dan finds it difficult to understand her stance but soon sees that she has a determination he lacks. Can he confront who he truly is despite what it might cost him?

“Oh sorry, I forgot you’re so far in the closet, you’re in Narnia!’ Malick

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