14.18 Awarded – 14/2/12

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S14  E18 (14 Feb 12) : Awarded by Matthew Barry

Episode Summary

Oliver is looking forward to the awards ceremony, dreaming of what his acceptance speech might be if he and Jac win the award for their research project and refuses to allow his spirits to be dampened, even when Jac heaps a mound of monotonous work on to him.  However, when he’s later faced with the dilemma of surgery or attending the awards, it is a race against time to achieve both.  Can he really get everything he wants?

Chantelle desperately wants her Valentine to be the doctor of the same name, but misinterprets Lleucu’s good intentions when she sees the young nurse whispering in Oliver’s ear.  When she then sees the damaging effects that ‘love’ can have on some people she finally realises what she needs to do in order to get ‘closure’.

Sacha’s plan to give Chrissie everything she wants, including her dream house, goes awry when he discovers he can’t access the money he needs through his pension fund.  Unable to admit the truth to Chrissie, Sacha takes drastic measures to secure the necessary funds.

“Grow a pair Levy!” Eddi. “What she said’ Luc.

Notable Facts

* Songs from this episode Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ‘AKA.. What A Life’, The Script ‘Times Like These’, Bobby Womack ‘California Dreamin’, Seasick Steve ‘Eightball’ & Birdy ‘Shelter’

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