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Cas Series

S14 E02

S14 E2 (19 Sep 99) : Calm Before the Storm (Part 2) by Simon Mirren

Episode Summary

Penny comes up from the water and the River Policeman jumps in and pulls her out. She’s fine, just cold. She tells them what she saw Alan on the side before she went in. They get back in the ambulance with Danny and start to drive back, on their way they see the car crash and send for another ambulance. Josh stops quickly and gives Jack some equipment until the ambulance arrives. Alan is following them in Danny’s car. They bring Danny into Resus and tell them about the RTA. In Resus, Danny gets worse and desperately needs a CT but Professor Bains tells them Danny can’t leave the department. Due to this Danny gets gradually worse and dies. Alan picks up his money. Alan can’t believe Danny’s dead and yells at them to help him. Max tells him no, it’s over. In the corridor Alan sees the police outside and thinks they’re for him. He lashes out at Charlie and grabs him by his neck. Max tries to talk to him but Jack pulls Alan off. Max sees Jack’s bleeding and takes a look at his stomach. He says it’s fine, it just needs stitching.

Tina and Sean are in the ladies toilets. He tells her that Chloe meant nothing to him. Tina gets upset and yells at her that it was hard for her to trust someone after her rape. Sean tells her he never meant to hurt her. She cries and says she loved him, but she can’t now. Eve walks in on them and Tina runs out crying. In Resus Charlie asks Sean, Tina and Chloe to take Suzy when she arrives. Sean is having trouble with Suzy’s chest drain and asks Max for help. He says he can’t get the drain in and he asks Max again. Max can’t help him but he talks him through and guides him in. Suzy is stable so Sean and Tina change. Sean tells Max he’s ruined everything again. By the decontamination unit Sean and Chloe try to talk to Tina again but she tells them to leave it.

Jamie is still in his cubicle. Holly asks his brothers if he’s allergic to any medication. They say he isn’t and Holly leaves to get the drugs. When she’s gone Jamie says he is allergic to something but Bacon and Eggs ignore him. After he is moved Holly gives Jamie his first dose of penicillin and tells Bacon and Eggs to relax and not to panic him. A few minutes later they rush out and say Jamie can’t breath. Holly runs in and sees he’s having anaphylactic shock due to the penicillin. Holly helps him and soon he’s fine. During the evacuation he’s taken up to the children’s ward.

Albert keeps asking for Eddie, he sees Eve and thinks she’s called Social Services and taken Eddie away from him. Albert thinks he’s just got indigestion and tells the staff that. Eve is with him and asks if he’s well enough to look after Eddie, and what would happen to Eddie if he died. Albert says he’s not going to die. Eddie is outside with Harry, Albert’s dog. He tries to get back in but Sunny has just locked the door and tells him he can’t. Eve goes to talk to Eddie. She tells him that he’s got to stay outside for a little while, but that she’ll come back for him. Eve goes back to Albert and tells him she’s seen Eddie. Albert wants to see him but Eve holds him back. When Eve goes he gets out of bed and walks to talk to Eddie, but he’s very short of breath. They are evacuating the hospital. Eve goes to get Albert but finds him missing. He’s talking to Eddie. He tells him he’s sorry but that he’s going to look after him now. He walks away and collapses clutching his chest. Jack hears him fall and rushes out to him. He gives him heart massage and Eve and Charlie rush out to him. They shock him but he dies. Outside Eve tells Eddie that Albert died.

Jack, Suzy and Poppy are outside the car. Suzy’s seriously hurt and Jack uses Poppy’s balloon and some cellotape to seal her wound. An ambulance arrives for them and Suzy is rushed into Resus. In the relatives room Jack tells Poppy that some men might come to take him away soon, some soldiers. Poppy is worried about her mum so he stays with her for a while. After hearing about the police Jack tells Poppy he has to go and tries to leave but Sunny says he can’t let him. Jack walks back in and sees Poppy’s balding head. He goes and sits back with her. As they wait to leave Charlie gets a phone call asking if they have a Jack Chandler there. Charlie says they don’t and asks Poppy and Jack if they saw anyone else at the crash scene. Poppy says no, they didn’t. Charlie says OK and asks the police to fax a picture through. The picture comes through and Charlie realises its Jack. He speaks to the Marines and the police and tells them that Jack is in the department but that he has saved a life tonight. Jack tells Charlie he’ll just wait with Poppy until she sees her mum, Charlie leaves them. The police arrive for Jack and Charlie tells Chloe to take Poppy through to see her mum. Jack makes her promise to get better. He is taken away by the police.

Chloe talks to Amy in the Staff Room about Milo. She asks her how she feels; being a mother and that she must feel complete now. Amy smiles and says she loves him, but he is a handful. Chloe goes into reception and sees Alan. He arrives and has all the waste over him. He rubs against Egg’s jacket and some comes off. She takes Alan through to a cubicle to take a look at the cut on his head but before she can finish he bursts into Resus. Charlie asks them what the waste is and he says it’s radioactive. Charlie tells the staff not to touch anything but they already have.

Josh and Penny are stopping off for some food before they clean their ambulance out back at base. They get a radio telling them that the ambulance might be contaminated and to go back to A&E.

In Resus, Charlie tells the team that if anyone wants to leave they can do it now, no questions asked. No one moves, Tina and Chloe are working on Suzy with Sean. Tina tells Chloe to go but she tells Tina not to do this. Tina tells Charlie that Chloe should go. Duffy asks if Chloe’s pregnant and she says yes. Charlie sends her out and tells Adam and Sunny to leave as they’ve had the lease contamination. Outside Adam and Sunny close and lock all the doors and contact Professor Bains, a medical physics professor. Eve tells Charlie that some of the waste is in the cubicles. Charlie goes into the cubicles and takes Egg’s jacket and moves Jamie to another cubicle as his might be contaminated. . Professor Bains arrives and tells Sunny not to let anyone in. He tells Charlie that the police need to be called and Jack overhears. The entire department is closed off. Charlie tells that patients about the contamination. In Resus Professor Bains gives everyone scrubs to change into. He tells them they’ll be the last to leave. After everyone else has left the Resus staff are taken outside to the decontamination unit. Another shift over.


Danny Boyd – Massive head injury. Dies in Resus.

* Jack Chandler – Stomach wound.

* Suzy Brennan – Open numrothorax

* Alan – Superficial cut to head

* Albert Miller – Heart attack. Dies

First Scene/words

[Josh and the River Policeman are on the quayside]

Josh – Penny!

River Policeman – Stay with the casualty!

Josh – Don’t do this to me Penny…

Last Scene/words

[Tina stands in the decontamination unit and leans against the wall as she rinses her hair]

Notable Facts

* Susan Cookson plays Julie Day.

* The department was contaminated with Caesium 137, but with no alpha emitters.

Review by Nina.

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