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HC Past Series

14.22 The Ties That Bind – 13/3/12

S14 E22 (13 Mar 12) : The Ties That Bind by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Sahira is feeling the pressure of working with Greg and Rafi on Darwin. As Greg and Rafi’s friendship grows, Sahira’s relationship with her husband is worse than ever, especially when she expects him to deal with a problem at home whilst they are both at work. When Sahira finally breaks down after a difficult case on Darwin, it is Greg she turns to, full of remorse for how she has treated him, tormented by her feelings for him. Greg cannot bear to see Sahira so unhappy, what will he decide to do?

Malick cannot believe his luck when Hanssen offers him the opportunity to become Holby’s Clinical Skills Teacher. However when Hanssen then asks Malick to fast track a patients care in order to free up beds in Keller, Malick is conflicted. Will he stand up to Hanssen and risk antagonising the job opportunity of a lifetime?

Eddi’s brother, Liam, turns up at Holby desperate for her help. He reminds Eddi of everything she has tried to leave behind, can she turn her back on him again?

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