14.52 When Sacha Met Chrissie – 9/10/12

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S14 E52 (9 Oct 12) : When Sacha Met Chrissie by Justin Young

Episode Summary

With five days to go till their wedding day, Chrissie and Sacha have agreed to keep it quiet, just them, no-one else. But when Sacha’s daughters find out, it’s not long before his mother gets wind of it, and after that, their secret is well and truly out. With the pressure piling up, Chrissie starts to have serious doubts about marrying Sacha and confides so in Malick. Her hen night in full swing, Chrissie can’t bear it any longer and leaves – is she on her way to see Sacha to call it off, or will she go ahead with their big day?

Eddi is relying more and more on the Camoxidan that Max introduced her to, but when Michael imposes a strict drugs signing-out policy on AAU, her supply runs out and she resorts to stealing drugs from a patient. Luc discovers what she’s been doing and confronts her, but will he report her, or will he keep quiet and help her overcome her addiction?

As Ollie and Tara’s relationship strengthens, he accidentally tells her that he loves her. Tara struggles to come to terms with it but a patient makes her see that they are soulmates. Will she overcome her fear of commitment?


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