15.10 Through the Darkness – 18/12/12

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s15e10S15 E10 (18 Dec 12) : Through the Darkness by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

Ollie returns to Holby, having spent time away desperately researching Tara’s condition; can she forgive him for running out on her when she needed him most?

Missing his kids so close to Christmas, Michael is paying extra attention to his blossoming romance with HCA, Ramona. But when he encourages her to perform duties outside of her role, is he setting her up for a fall?

Chantelle still doesn’t know where she stands with Rhys – is he going to ask her to the New Year’s Eve Ball, or not? She’s determined to find out, but a patient with a needle phobia keeps her busy all day. Will Marie Claire get in there first?

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