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HC Past Series

15.36 Follow the Yellow Brick Road – 18/6/13

s15e36S15 E36 (18 Jun 13) : Follow the Yellow Brick Road by Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope

Episode Summary

Elliot tries to protect Ollie when his mistakes begin to threaten the entire ward, but when a heart patient is re-admitted, the young doctor insists on conducting the treatment alone, forcing him to confront his emotions once and for all.

Daniel is a perfect match for Rachel’s bone-marrow transplant, but Chrissie is terrified at the thought of putting her son through such a risky procedure, creating tension between her and Sacha.

Michael is frustrated that there is nothing he can do to help a patient, especially when the boy’s parent accuses him of giving them false hope, so he resolves to make one of the youngster’s last wishes come true.


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