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Cas Series

S16 E19

S16 E19 (12 Jan 02) : Blowing the Whistle by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

The police are sniffing round the department since Lewis’s break out, thinking it’s an inside job – Chloe is worried about getting caught and is unable to get hold of Jason. She confides in Anna, who doesn’t want to know, but loyally stands by her. Tony sees the video footage of Chloe with Jason – Anna tells him to burn it – but with his previous convictions, he’s worried the police will chase after him.

Patrick returns after his own hospital drama, and treats a transsexual patient, Teri, whose recent sex change operation has become seriously infected. Teri refuses a life saving operation as it will ruin the functions her previous operation gave her. Patrick talks with her, about Rachel and his ordeal, and finally persuades Teri to have the operation.

Farmer, Andy, accidentally cuts off his finger with a large knife, and is brought in by his mother, Emily – who brings in his finger in a plastic box. The staff are concerned for Emily’s eye sight – when the box contains a sausage – and her lunch box contains the finger! They are unable to save the finger. Lara diagnoses Emily with cataracts, and Emily feels guilty over her son.

Young boy, Neil and his grandfather, Len, return a bike to it’s rightful owners after Neil steals it. An argument erupts and Len is hit by the other boy’s father. When he arrives in A&E, Philippa treats him, but misdiagnoses his heart condition by presuming which medication he is on – the man dies in CRASH and Philippa takes her anger out on Anna – Duffy stands up for Anna and calls Philippa a bully.

Max faces his disciplinary hearing – Jan lets him off with a warning and is reinstated, but he is unsure if he wants to come back. Outside, Patrick sees Max, and lets him know that he regrets his decision to shop him. Lara decides to make a complaint about Philippa to Jan – but Patrick beats her to it. However, Philippa hastily hands in her notice and leaves the department.

Patrick asks Lara to dinner. Chloe goes to Jason’s warehouse, and finds it empty – she bursts into tears. Has he deserted her?


* Transsexual Teri Douglas – botched sex change operation, needs surgery.

* Farmer Andy – cuts off finger with knife.

* Emily Taylor – suffering with cataracts.

* Len – old man with heart disease, dies from Philippa wrong diagnosis.

First Scene/ wordsLast Scene/ words

Tony and Anna are going home, pouring rain;

Anna : It’s OK Tony, she’s gone home now, they’ve missed her.

Tony : I didn’t give them the tape Anna

Anna : What?

Tony : I’ve got a security tape with her on it

Anna : Well burn it!

Tony : I can’t do that! Just tell her to run Anna, I can’t give her anymore than 24 hours, they won’t let it go

(Chloe goes to Jason’s warehouse – it’s empty – she breaks down in tears)

Notable Facts

* Tony ended up in jail, after beating up someone who ‘queer-bashed’ his gay friend.

* Patrick’s first time was with a woman called ‘Sandy’.

* Philippa lets on she was forced into a life of medicine and that the nurses didn’t appreciate the ‘responsibility’ she holds.

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